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    Working with PVA dissolvable filament is more difficult than I expected. Getting it to stick to the bed is one thing, getting it to stick to itself is another entirely...


      Had a break from 3D printing for a while, messing around with that PVA stuff really put me off. I've abandoned that idea now and gone back to more standard stuff.

      I've wanted a quick-release mount for my Makita charger and batteries for a while but didn't get around to it, after playing with some ideas and reaching some dead ends I decided to use some neodymium magnets I already had to make a set of magnetic feet for the charger along with magnetic cups that fitted on to the pegboard. They're attached to the pegboard using plastic rivets and #8-1/2" screws.

      I also made some mounts for the batteries.

      I'm no fanboy, honest.

      I've almost finished a mount for the tools, I don't expect it to handle the heavy drivers but the LED torch and USB power supply should be fine.


        I should say that the mounts for the batteries are based on models made by Simhopp on thingiverse. I just altered them to suit the pegboard, actually doing the whole thing in Microsoft 3D Builder. I finished printing three tool holders today, based from the battery model from the same guy. They needed some finishing as the supports are harder to remove and made the tool a tight fit, I found that using heat was the quickest way to loosen them up.

        I wasn't expecting them to hold much weight, just small stuff, but to my surprise they will hold my new DTW1002Z impact wrench and that's hard to hold in your hand from the battery end. This thing weighs 3.6kg and that's one heck of a lever on the mount.

        Needless to say the mounts are perfectly happy with my impact driver and LED torch.

        Edit: Just realised I should post a picture of the mount itself. It's similar to the battery mount, holes for pegboard mounting are exactly the same and at the same depth.

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