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Grand Tour a big winner for Amazon Prime Video

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    Grand Tour a big winner for Amazon Prime Video

    Something factual to contrast with the recent spate of GT is canned tabloid scribbles.

    Exclusive - Amazon's internal numbers on Prime Video, revealed

    One big winner was the motoring series “The Grand Tour,” which stars the former presenters of BBC’s “Top Gear.” The show had more than 1.5 million first streams from Prime members worldwide, at a cost of $49 per subscriber in its first season.
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    Team Black Jack


    So, that's all good.

    Interesting. From that math, Season 1 cost Amazon about $74 million. I believe the initial estimates were that GT would cost ~$250 million over 3 seasons. This all seems very much in line. Possibly, they wanted to undershoot season 1's budget in case it flopped, and then boost the remaining seasons.

    Either way, I'm glad it's been a success. It's been a pleasure to watch, and I already had prime


      Definitely an interesting one