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DriveTribe = $16m Money Pit

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    DriveTribe = $16m Money Pit

    DriveTribe? It Burned Through $16 Million In Two Years

    2017 annual report

    Started with $12m

    Ernesto Schmitt one of the co-foundershas since left for a $300m startup
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    Team Black Jack


    So, that's all good.

    Who still uses it?
    1993 Ford F-150 Flareside - July 2010 - August 2013
    2004 Ford Mustang - September 2013 - February 2018
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    2003 EZGO TXT - March 2015 - Present (it's road legal!)
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      Who ever used it?
      WillDAQ: To use the technical terms: "the Mustang is to aerodynamics what horse shit is to fine dining"

      Dr Grip: Brilliant!

      EyeMWing Because what fun is a silicone dick if you don't try putting it in somebody's backside at least once.

      Jay IKEA now ranks up in my awesome list, quite near bacon and blowjobs.

      Cowboy I've never gotten so drunk I wanted to rub one out while shoving a fire extinguisher up my ass.

      Remind me never to have him round to dinner! @MattOnMotors


        Tax fiddle


          If nothing else, their US marketing was sparse and abysmal and the UK alone wouldn’t have enough interested persons to keep such a large and expensive to run site afloat.