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Analysis on the rise and fall of CHM

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    Originally posted by pulse View Post
    *pirates TV show*
    *complains it's not good enough*
    *wonders why internet doesn't care about opinion*
    Who's pirating the show?


      Season two was pretty epic all way through.


        TG season 2 certainly prevailed over season 1. Some of the changes made for S2 prove that the team is indeed listening to the audience and critics. CHM seemed more comfortable in their roles, and thus were more entertaining. I look forward to S3.


          Yes, the team is listening to the audience, but like petulant children it seams. The whole "Unscripted" episode comes to mind. Don't get me wrong. The overall cinematography is beyond fantastic. But some times it seams as though they stretch out the characters they want to prevail just to be that character.

          We know James is Captain Slow, but even in the live shows he isn't the cartoon character they make him out to be. Richard, the American, is getting old. Even Jeremy has gotten to the point that I believe he is lampooning a caricature of what he thinks people think he actually is.

          I still prefer the original 3 over even the Foust set or the LeBlanc set, but the LeBlanc set is gaining.