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Dear Andy/anyone else that works at Top Gear; BRILLIANT idea for McLaren P1 review

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    They will likely have access to the 3 on separate occasions in a "controlled" environment i.e. supervised on the TG test track but I think they might have to find someone who will privately lend them their cars if they want a roadtrip with the P1 and Ferrari atleast. Somehow I think the Porsche will be easier to get a hold of.

    It will truly be the mother of all roadtrips if they did manage to get them and tour around somewhere in Europe.


      Speaking of roadtrip: How about a trip across Europe driving 3 Poster cars from their early years, to see how the cars fare in a 2013~2014 environment?

      May could drive a Jag XJ220, Hammond could drive a Ferrari F40 or Porsche 959, and Jezza could drive a Lambo Countach


        bumping this because they did end up doing this for last nights Chiron episode, it was a great little nod to the old famous McLaren F1 vs Nissan moment


          Haha. I approve of this bump.

          To be honest, my first thought was that it would've been epic if the "really fast car" was the McLaren F1!