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Prince Harry rumoured to have agreed to be SIARPC

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    Clinton would be much funnier. Especially if he offered Jezza a cigar.
    WillDAQ: To use the technical terms: "the Mustang is to aerodynamics what horse shit is to fine dining"

    Dr Grip: Brilliant!

    EyeMWing Because what fun is a silicone dick if you don't try putting it in somebody's backside at least once.

    Jay IKEA now ranks up in my awesome list, quite near bacon and blowjobs.

    Cowboy I've never gotten so drunk I wanted to rub one out while shoving a fire extinguisher up my ass.

    Remind me never to have him round to dinner! @MattOnMotors


      Originally posted by Cobol74 View Post
      May be the charity -

      I urge all our FG Ukanians to contribute.

      They did not start the war, they are the poor sods who just had to fight it without the right equipment and support. We have to rally round as the government seem to want to wash their hands of their responsibilities. Only the very best is good enough for the guys and girls injured.

      Stupid NHS hospital in Fucking Birmingham - a city full of Muslims who seem to be a bit short of the smarts. The armed forces used to have their own - Navy had Haslar near me for instance - shut it down.
      Sorry for derailing, but why do you bring up the muslims?
      "If you're not getting the picture you want, you're not close enough" - Robert Capa
      "Your first 14000 pictures are your worst" - HCB
      - David Bailey! Who's he?!
      I am one of "the two most level headed and pragmatic regular posters on the politics forum" according to anonymous sources.
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