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Did Ian Poulter Drop A Hint Re: SIARPC?

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    Did Ian Poulter Drop A Hint Re: SIARPC?

    In a tweet about an hour or so ago, Ian Poulter, golfist and bizarre clothing fetishist, said that he'd love to be SIARPC, but since Clarkson hates golf, oh, well. Oh, well, the Open Championship will be taking place this month, while the series is still filming. Considering the scheduling aspect of Vettel's appearance, could Poulter be dropping a hint that he might indeed be doing SIARPC?

    No, think about it. For the last couple of seasons, we've had at least one "confrontational" SIARPC. Tackling a pro golfer would be perfect for this season's allocation, and Poulter's the perfect choice, given his willingness to speak out about anything. Plus, the timing works, with filming on Wednesday and the tournament beginning on Thursday.

    Just throwing it out there as a possibility.
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