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[11x04] July 13th, 2008

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    [11x04] July 13th, 2008

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    What's that phone Hammond has? Is it a razr? Looks quite nice!


      cant wait for this to be over!


        Sat down to enjoy the episode only to find that BBC Scotland decided to show some awful bands at T-In The Park instead of Top Gear.
        Fuck you BBC Scotland. I hope you all get aids.

        *Edit now i have watched it*
        Best episode of the series, by a mile. One of the best episodes ever? The review got the point across; the 8C is like an old car, like Jeremy's beloved old SL he drove, or the Ferrari he wanted over the 599. You buy it for the style, which isn't the same as flash. Ferrari's are flash and posey. The 8C is classy.
        The stars were good, and the race... It was so good I'd love to see a feature length race, taking an hour and a half or so. The limits to the races now are just the time they have, they have to compress everything down so much in the edit.

        Awesome episode overall.
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          Well that was a great episode, suprised by the verdict on the 8C but it is a lovely looking car! The GTR race is awesome, such a close battle but proof yet again: Car is the best form of transport!

          I give it 9/10 as I'm a big fan of races and this was one of the good ones.

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            Nice episode! But I didn't find the news as funny as usual
            PS: poll?


              Can't wait to see this one.


                Good Episode.

                Race wasn't as epic as I thought it would be. It, in my opinion, was definitely not the best race that I have seen. You could really tell that SIARPC was edited way down, which was good, but it felt like it could have been a bit longer and the race a bit shorter (can't believe I just said that). The news also wasn't very funny and seemed scripted, again.

                Overall a good episode, good to see the car win, 9/10.

                P.S. Poll Please
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                  I loved that episode. The race just seemed real for once and it just had that extra something. The guests were suprisingly good as well.
                  Nice to have a pair of guests who didn't really do a lot of plugging and were quite fun.
                  The news was very good this week as well.
                  9/10 from me.


                    What an Absolutely Awesome Episode. That was the best race By a Huge Margin. Loved every second of it. Has to be a 10/10 easily.


                      That was a great episode. I loved every second of it.

                      Well done TG team!


                        very very good. Race was top notch.

                        One problem, episode dominated by it, I miss the days when an episode was packed with 6 different bits. Don't get me wrong I like the big stuff, I just miss clarkson being forced to review a shitty little car and enjoying ripping it to pieces. saw the nissan cube review the other day and it made me pine. Shove the big fucker in that new mazda 2 and make him drive slowly in some town, then just watch the metaphors flyyyyyy and the derisory comments fire:p

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                          that was awesome

                          especially the bill odie bits like the anti speed camera mask and telling the petrol pump attendant that bill odie can spot your badger a mile away
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                            This sounds cheesy, but I was on the edge of my seat and for once cheering all of them on.

                            Well done Amy, you did great.

                            p.s. That barrier.


                              Very good indeed.

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                                Originally posted by otispunkmeyer View Post
                                that was awesome

                                especially the bill odie bits like the anti speed camera mask and telling the petrol pump attendant that bill odie can spot your badger a mile away
                                I nearly pissed myself at that one. I'm sure he said beaver though :p

                                Oh yeah I loved the black and white with red highlighted shots in the alfa review - even when it went down to the detail of just being on the alfa badge.
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                                This Christmas... Ben Collins... is.... THE MAN IN THE SANTA SUIT.


                                  Originally posted by otispunkmeyer View Post
                                  that was awesome

                                  especially the bill odie bits like the anti speed camera mask and telling the petrol pump attendant that bill odie can spot your badger a mile away
                                  It was 'your BEAVER'!

                                  Thoroughly enjoyed that tonight, best one of the series so far I think- beautiful film on that Alfa, funny news, the stars bit was enjoyable probably because they were a good bit of eye candy, and the Japan race was brilliant- didn't care one way or the other about the whatever it was- a Nissan?- but the race itself was excellent fun. And Clarkson was wearing 'my' jacket again!

                                  (Bought one of those brown leather RAF jackets recently, only to then realise that Jeremy owns one too and often wears it on TG. Nooooo!)

                                  9/10, excellent.


                                    Wow. Thats all.

                                    The Alfa. Well that is a piece of art. I agree entirely with Clarkson that it doesn't matter that it isn't that good, because I wouldn't care either. Turning up somewhere in that would turn heads no matter who you were. One amazing car.

                                    The news was a hilarious as ever (a new picture of the Sandaro ), and the SIARPC was pretty good. Could have been better, but everything could be (except for the race), and it was much better than the previous ones. Shame about their times though.

                                    The race. Wow. It really was a proper race. All that hype from Andy and the crew was true. That was close, and they didn't try and hide it. It all felt much more real than the others, and that you felt the feelings they had throughout. Not one part of that race did I feel bored or not entirely interested. Beautiful car, beautiful roads, and a beautiful race.

                                    One brilliant episode. I think, that just about, that achieved...10. Well done guys.
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                                      I've been looking forward to this episode, and it certainly delivered, especially since last weeks show was somewhat of a dissapointment.

                                      The Alfa 8C review, such a lovely lovely car, the review was spoiled for me only slightly by the "MTV editing". I don't mind artful directing and editing, but I hate all these quick cuts.

                                      The news, well same old same old really, some like it some don't. I do like it, so no more to say about that.

                                      Of course the big one in this episode was the race accross Japan, and it was a stunner. Though I'm slightly biased because I have a big fascination with Japan. I'm not going to dwell on it as I don't want to spoil it for anyone who haven't seen it yet, but I love Jeremy's solution for the speed cameras. Of all the races so far this is one of the best.

                                      SIARPC. I'm not a fan of this section, but in all fairness this was one of the better ones this series.

                                      That's about it really. Overall a really nice episode, thanks mainly to the race. In all honesty I would have liked a Japan special or perhaps a Japanese themed show would have gone well with the race piece. For me, the best show in the series so far.



                                        Ok just for Wilman i'll bitch about something, the Alfa was the wrong colour.