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[14x02] November 22nd, 2009

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    [14x02] November 22nd, 2009
    My Cars: 2008 Dodge Viper SRT-10 convertible (summer weekend car), 2001 Ford Mustang GT coupe (winter car & grocery getter)
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    I'll start off with the R8/Corvette review. My word they made that piece look beautiful. Those camera crews really do know how to use their kit. A pretty good review, but it has become a simple art now. There needs to be some more variation in these power tests, which was sort of provided last week in the limos, but there wasn't enough of it.

    Martin Sheen was certainly a decent guest. Interesting family history, and for once a brilliant time too! And that's all that one can say about that...

    Geoff. Right. Fucking hilarious. The two films regarding the homemade electric-mobile is genuinely one of the funniest things I've ever seen. The tests at Millbrook were absolutely perfectly done and thought up. Proper Topgear cocking about, with some decent ambitious motives with, while predictably rubbish, surprising and excellent in every way.

    As an episode, I'll give it a 9.5/10. So very close to being a perfect episode, but just ever so slightly let down by the layout of the episode yet again. But still - there isn't much wrong with that, is there?
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      i loved it!

      The audi r8 part was brilliant. Loved the music, the cars!

      The electric car was also great. Especially the part where they were faking the tests. SLOWMOOOOTIIIONNN, i was really tearing because i was LMAO. Really great, 10/10!!

      These are already two phenomenal episodes!


        It...wasn't very good. Sorry.

        After last week's belter, this came crashing downwards. There was one good line (highlight the following to see it) "I want to commit suicide, but OFCOM won't let us show it".

        Other than that? Meh. The "electric car" thing was a bit dull throughout. The build and drive through Oxford was predictable - "hey it's slow, hey we're causing traffic mayhem" - and the MIRA bit had potential - certain bits making me laugh out loud, mainly the SLOWMOTION and the side impact test - but never really got going.

        Other than that, a fair bit of the humour (especially during the news) seemed rather token - "Hey look, we're on at 9pm now, we can say 'penis'". The news is usually the best bit but didn't seem too good this week. Hooray for bizarre person from the audience though.

        SIARPC was unexpectedly good, though. I didn't know what to expect from Michael Sheen but I warmed to him as the interview progressed, and he became funnier as it went along. Poor bloke, being horribly jetlagged, though. I enjoyed that. The R8 V10 / Corvette review was cinematographically good-looking, and Clarkson was up to his usual, but these are cars we have seen before. Albeit as the R8 V8 and the Corvette in the US. It didn't really do much for me.

        Overall, I found it - compared to Top Gear's usual standards - a bit of a letdown. Having said that, it's still better than 90% of the rubbish on TV these days.
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        ...I'm meant to put something here?


          A fantastic episode, shame on those who think TG is losing it. The R8/Corvette review was very well made and Martin Sheen was a much better guest than I expected.

          The electric car was incredible. It was without a doubt one of the best TG challenges ever. I was laughing so much at the reversed/slow motioned tests that I accidentally turned off my pc .

          I'll definately be watching this one again tomorrow (a couple of times). A solid 10/10.
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            Compared to last week, not that brilliant.

            Part 1 of the Electric car - Kind of boring, though I did like Jezza's Mood Room
            News - Boring, although I did giggle a bit over James' fizzing prostate...the Sheffield accents kind of dragged on a bit
            R8 vs ZR1 - Not bad. Beautiful cars though, but not the best review I've seen.
            Sheen - Good, lost points for talking about Twilight though...
            Part 2 of Electric Car - Brilliant, loved the slow mo crashes , and all their faces at the end

            The last 20 minutes saved it for me
            7/10 for me.

            I think I might like it better on a second viewing though...
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              I didn't really enjoy it at first, but that wasn't Top Gear's fault. My dad kept switching between digital and analog television to see if it it looked any different. That made me quite mad so I took the remote from him and from then on I started enjoying it.

              The electric car films were great, had a few very good laughs. Bit like the Convertible Espace film which I also enjoyed a lot.

              Then the R8 vs. ZR1. Looked good but I didn't think it was a very good review. I enjoyed it because I like the cars (especially the ZR1), but it's a standard car review at the track. Like more people said, they need to vary those reviews a bit more.

              The guest was good. I didn't know him but that's usually the cars. Didn't think I was wasting my time watching it, but I probably won't watch it again.



                Another cracker from the TG team.

                Great to see the V10 Audi and the ZR1 out on the track, and a surprising outcome on the track. It just goes to show how good Stig really is at the wheel.

                The electric car challenge was brilliant. It actually seemed like a good plan to start with but obviously it was going to be ambitions but rubbish in the end. Geoff was a good laugh on the m-way though and when they had to lift the charging cable over the traffic. The Hammerhead was clearly better, and I was really surprised by the outcome of the drag race and I loved James' secret moustache.

                Didn't really know who the star was and there was little talk about his car history but obviously he was chosen to fit in around the Twilight opening (which I also have negative interest in) so no complains there.

                News was a great laugh although I wouldn't mind them talking about cars for a change.

                9/10 for me, let down a bit by the news and not actually letting us see what the electric car could do. Couldn't they find another stig?

                Also, I was almost crying when I watched the Stig coming down the ramps at the front of the Autocar office.
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                  I don't know if its because i have other things on my mind but i really did not enjoy this ep.
                  I thought the 2nd part of the challenged was better than the the first and have to say the green stig with his sandals and solar power helmet made me smile.


                    The camera tricks to beat the tests! I laugh so hard that it hurt and wished I wouldnt be having to laugh any longer

                    Great show. 7/10


                      The first time I've given 10! R8 Vs 'Vette was an absolutely beautiful film with a very interesting conclusion and a very interesting lap time. Michael Sheen, didn't know what to expect from him but he was very good and a surprisingly good lap time. If he could have just reigned in a bit of the recklessness he could well have been top 3. As for Geoff. There were times when I genuinely couldn't breath from laughing so much, I loved the slo-mo, the backwards bit and the independent driver in the G-Wiz. All this and to top it off, featuring Autocar, which is my favourite car mag. An outstanding episode.


                        Great episode from the TG trio tonight. Really enjoyed it.
                        The Audi R8 feature was good since the Audi R8 remains one of my favorite cars to see on the tv screen (The original Audi R8 review in 10x02 remains one of my favorite TG car reviews). Really surprised at the result and does prove how awesome the Stig is.
                        The News was ok but i was hoping they may had featured more on Brawn GP's transformation into Mercedes GP and Jenson Button's move (then again i wasn't sure if this had been filmed when the news had been released.)
                        The SIARPC was obviously chosen because of that twilight film that was released last week, but given that he was in Frost/Nixon which remains one of the best films i've seen this year all is forgiven. He definately seemed to get faster and better at the end, especially those last 2 turns.
                        Loved tonights main feature. The geoff going around Oxford was fun mostly because i had been only walking down those streets a few weeks ago, just wish i had been there when they filmed it. On top of that the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust moments were for me pure gold. Especially the slow motion euro safety tests they had me laughing non stop. almost like my tv was pumping laughing gas into the air.
                        I'll give it a 8/10. solid good episode with the Top Gear trinity at their usual peak of cocking about.


                          Another solid ep, definitely feels far more like top gear of a few series back for some reason. I liked how Michael Sheen seemed a bit embarrassed for doing that awful twilight flick





                              Next time I'm going to wait to download it so i can just fast forward. Eye gougingly boring 1hr 'car' show only to have 2 cars and a bunch of very over scripted jokes/and setups.

                              Is it time top gear moved channel to Quest (i think so).


                                The R8 vs ZR1 was way too short...

                                That is all..


                                  people, it's michael sheen not martin sheen!

                                  Martin sheen = father of charlie sheen..


                                    Micheal Sheen = son of Mr Sheen


                                      Originally posted by corradoboy View Post
                                      Micheal Sheen = son of Mr Sheen
                                      He made my coffee table really shiney. Cheers mate!!
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                                      Short and stout.
                                      Here is my handle,
                                      Here is my-
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                                        Originally posted by Buffy_09 View Post
                                        He made my coffee table really shiney. Cheers mate!!
                                        i could make such a inappropriate joke there...