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[17x07] December 28th, 2011 [India Special]

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    Just saw this for the 2nd time since it aired and I enjoyed it much more. I recommend a 2nd viewing for those who hated it the first time round.
    "Don't brake. Don't brake. Don't brake....MY LEG'S GOT A MIND OF ITS OWN AND IT'S BRAKING!"- Jeremy Clarkson


      Originally posted by Ilpav View Post
      Just saw this for the 2nd time since it aired and I enjoyed it much more. I recommend a 2nd viewing for those who hated it the first time round.
      The smell of stale dog shit is not an improvement over the fresh stuff.
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        Yeah, I watched a second time and it was a little better...but I still wouldn't say it was good...

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          I finally saw this all the way through, twice even. It sucked both times. Epic Fail, as the kids say. I'd vote -1 if I could.
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            Yeah bit late and after my favourites Vietnam and Bolivia I somewhat enjoyed the NY - Middle East special and grew to like it. So when I left for home I felt sad because I was quite excited for the India special. Well this one lacked the flow for me and the adventurism of the past episodes.

            Hope that the next one will be better. Still ok somehow. They should've gone on one of those dangerous mountain passes in old cars and show more of the country. The challenges were missing and the food race was a bit stupid. If I get the chance will try and see if I they can win my heart over a bit more.


              I know what you mean, it wasn't my favorite either, but after getting the DVD and watching it with commentary, I like it a lot more now. The DVD extras were good too.

              People were crashing cars long before Top Gear existed. James May


                Yeah want to buy the challenges on DVD. Wish I could buy the regular episodes as well. That'd be great!


                  Does anyone have a good explanation for why they took the train in the first leg of the journey? It's not like in Vietnam where they were behind schedule and I bet Clarkson was near death from riding that scooter for many days.


                    Originally posted by CrzRsn View Post
                    Not gonna comment on the episode yet, but anyone else catch this gem around the 10:05 mark?

                    Does anyone know what brand of shirt Clarkson is wearing in this photo?


                      Originally posted by Aston Martin View Post
                      I hate spoilers more than I hate spoilers on anything with less than 600bhp.

                      Last years Christmas special had about 45 minutes of waste.
                      Bets on James crashing?
                      Not a V12 XJS?
                      3 great cars... Dicky wins.
                      Not bangers for once, should be interesting.
                      Please no TG comedy.
                      Mini roofs fucked.
                      25 minutes of waste already.
                      Didn't see that happening In the queue...
                      35 minutes of waste.
                      Fucking hell Jimmy nearly died.
                      I swear I saw the muff coming.
                      Its illegal to disperse aircon gas... I think
                      Hmmm not that great so far.
                      FFS Mexico isn't funny anymore, mainly because you pussied it at the time you short arse.
                      Who wrote the script, the Chuckle Brothers?
                      Its a bad version of Top Gear Ground Force, yeah I didn't think it was possible either.
                      Oh fuck you its not funny.

                      The worst thing I've ever seen, and I've seen Transformers 3.
                      Waste of 90 minutes.
                      I haven't seen this since, it was on Dave so I decided to try it again.

                      It's sad, because it's incredibly lazy.