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[23x03] June 12th, 2016

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    I'm watching it now and there's a distinct change in pace once stig's lap finished and Chris Harris started up.

    He does quality productions that guy. Also as a BBC series, the music is exceptional, they ripped a piece from a Bond film I cant quite recall.


      The people that voted 10 or 9, clearly this cannot be improved at all and is a brilliant show???
      Its still pretty cack, I will likely forget the last 3 episodes exist and wait for CHM.
      (lucky this is only a 6 episode waste of licence fee money and then hopefully they can at least save some by sacking the annoying ginger tw@t..)


        Overnight viewing figures down to 2.4m from 2.8m last week....but a fairly big footie match was on the other side.
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          Well. I was kind of happy for switching over from F1 to TG, which I did not expect (but the race was very boring). 7/10.

          Audi: ChrisE is getting better, but still not good. Also, learn to drive. It was quite clear the exterior drifty bits were not with him driving. No clever editing can hide that.
          Also, Sabine. Please, stop shouting and learn some basic English. It's not funny anymore.

          TDF: Proper Harris with proper budget on proper TV. This is what we wanted all along. Quite a good segment and nice presentation.

          SIARCC: Didn't watch, went back to F1 for the end of the race.

          Focus RS: Damn, didn't know Rory, but he's very good. I really liked this. More of this dude. Best part of the show. Great with the switching between track and on the road.

          Ken Block: This was fun. The joke of it being a tourist trip or something was wearing off a bit, but I enjoyed it.

          Studio bits: Less Evans is always good. Matt is still accaptable. Sabine, no (in her words: "GET OUT! GET OUT!" - of the studio). Harris seemed a bit off in the studio, scared almost, but guess that's normal.


            Hm. Word of mouth is a lot better with this episode.

            Stories like "TG loses audience share 3 times running" happen because WOM was pretty bad for the first two episodes.

            The media spin seems to be that the viewing audience seems to be down to the core petrolhead viewing public that was around in TGCHM's second year, according to the Guardian.


            So the question is, will the improved opinion of Ep 3 result in a high viewing audience for Ep 4?

            If the answer is "yes," then Series 24 will get some minor tweaks.

            If the ratings continue to decline, despite the positive feedback, then TGCE will get a major overhaul if it's not cancelled altogether. And if the latter happens, it won't be just CE who gets the blame, but the BBC for mishandling the disciplining of Clarkson. (A year-long suspension of the series with Clarkson not getting contracts for any BBC appearances for a year, would have satisfied everyone but the most rabid anti-JCers.)


              Came home late, tuned in in the middle of the SIARPC, 2 people I don't know, and Evans leaning back in his chair doing that hyperactive todler laugh of his in an overly dramatic manner, thought came in my head: 'why the hell am I doing this to myself?'
              Switched to watch Guardians of the galaxy.

              Ready for The Grand Tour.
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              "It's not right, this." : Anonymous studio tech on the killing of TopGear.


                Again, a slight improvement as it has less Evans and more Harris/Sabine. Skipped SIARPC again. Focus bit was ok (more on the Type-R would have been good), the Block bit was a bit underwhelming.

                Give it ehhhh/10.
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                  Originally posted by Hawkwind View Post
                  Overnight viewing figures down to 2.4m from 2.8m last week....but a fairly big footie match was on the other side.
                  It's true that some may have watched the footie or whatever but the BBC chose to air the show at this time knowing the Euros were on so there can be no complaints more people want to watch something other than new Top Gear. Is it going to be the case that there's always something else people are more interested in watching and Top Gear gets pushed to "I'll watch it later"? Even the CHM Top Gear which was on during the World Cup Final in 2010 got 4.6m consolidated.

                  The consolidated figures for last week don't look great either with 4.1m mentioned. Have to admit I'm one of them now that records and watches later Sunday evening so I can FF over the crap and the enormous white elephant that is SIARC, never did that with CHM Top Gear.


                    I think the difference between Harris/Reid and Evans (aside from the shouting) is that they were thorough with the reviews, whereas with the R8 I didn't really learn a great deal about the car and more about the lap with Sabine. Harris and Reid know how to talk about a car and they are more comfortable to listen to.

                    I liked the drifting in London part, even if it was severely staged and overdone. Maybe it's because it was done in London and not in America.

                    Also I found that they just tried to cram everything in, where in the previous episode, they didn't have enough diversity. I know that they're still trying to find their feet, but they need to find it fast before they lose more viewers.


                      I think it's agreed (anyone listening at TG?) that it would have been a whole point or two better if the SIARPC bit was a lot shorter. Or if it was funny or interesting. It was none of those things. It's still carrying on in a shitty parallel universe somewhere. Surely the beeb can see that it's not working and it's not helping in establishing CE as the main man, and it's just making more people call him a ginger twat more often. He's an easy target and I'm not amongst their number yet but unless SIARPC is under 12 minutes by episode 6 I might be.


                        Everything in the studio is still bad, but the films are getting better. It stays in my planner ... for now.


                          Chris Evans - as I have written in both previous topics, his shouting is unbearable; it's like that sort of guy who stands at his nasty stall shouting on passer-bys 'come on, buy my c*ap, you get one more free, GO, GET IT!' to sell the stocked rubbish;
                          Matt LeBlanc - the better of the two main presenters. Seemed embarrassed and slightly bored in the studio segments to me though. I don't mind his sometimes criticised American accent, at least, unlike Evans, he can properly say 'Porsche'. Never liked 'Friends' but I quite like him on TG;
                          Sabine - OK, as a non-native speaker, I accept her limited English (mine's too) knowing natives might feel 'offended';
                          Chris Harris - nice review, I definitely want more;
                          Rory Reid - unknown to me before; the greater surprise this man is - his review was fresh, entertaining and...very Top Gear! So far the best bit of the season.

                          Unfortunately they (CH & RR) can't balance CE but I'd like them to host and have creative control over future seasons (if there would be any).
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                            Harris' segment was disappointing I thought, I expected much better. Rory Reid was surprisingly good.


                              They should just rename the show Fifth Gear and have Sabine do impressions of Vicky giggles.
                              Oh wait that wouldn't work, Chris Evans is already doing that without even trying...
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                                Really enjoyed this one, apart from the star-in-DILLIGAF-which-car segment - forwarded through that as nearly always. 8/10

                                Originally posted by Andeh View Post
                                Incoming haters in 3, 2, 1....
                                You'd think they've made their point ("I hate Chris Evaaaaans!!!1!!eleven!!") by now, wouldn't you?


                                  Quite good but holy crap I wish Evans would stop shouting. Talk like a normal person!
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                                    Originally posted by Viper007Bond View Post
                                    Quite good but holy crap I wish Evans would stop shouting. Talk like a normal person!
                                    Im going to say something blasphemous here:
                                    Minus the CE bits and SIARPC segment, this is some of the best TG Ive seen in the last half decade.

                                    To the BBC:
                                    More CH, more RR, less CE, less Sabine, scrap SIARPC (its just cringe at this point), give Matt a few class A's and it should be an awesome show.


                                      How about this for a change:
                                      Let RR, CH & Matt host the show and kick the others out (keep the Stig).
                                      the "3 guys fooling around with cars" formula works. and those are the hosts, people like the most.
                                      bring back the news from EG, cut the SiaRcC stupidity and let the guys have fun in cars.

                                      Thats what i want to watch.
                                      (self-proclaimed) Insane voice of reason


                                        I thought the show was okay but the biggest thing that stuck with me is no Ferrari Stig lap. Chris' Evans review was probably the better of the ones shown since it had more of a story but I wasn't too big on some of the music choices. Interestingly I didn't dislike the Star in a Rallycross car as much this week even though I didn't pay attention to the lap.


                                          Half an hour. HALF AN HOUR. HALF A FREAKING HOUR!

                                          Who ON EARTH made the MONUMENTALLY stupid decision to make the show an hour and a half long, just so they could waste HALF A FREAKING HOUR on the STUPID "SIARCC" nonsense???

                                          THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE NEW TOP GEAR. Just pause the show for a full half an hour and plug a "chat show" in the middle of the thing. Once again, I just turned the sound down, then got on my computer and watched cat videos on YouTube until the awful nonsense was over.

                                          *At any rate, that's how things timed out here in the US on BBC America. The ONLY good thing about the SIARCC BS is that we get to see some interesting commercials in between the useless garbage that goes on and on and on and on, seemingly forever. PLEASE, DEAR GOD, MAKE IT STOP!