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[23x06] July 3rd, 2016 -- Evans final episode

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    Originally posted by pete8475 View Post
    Chris Evans changed the way people watch Top Gear! Now they just don't watch it at all.

    It won't surprise me if the iPlayer numbers etc make the ratings bigger then they normally would when the news spreads that Evans quit the show.


      Liked rory and leblanc. Harris is ok but rory is both a car nerd and funny, we need both! Mlb is a great actor and solid funny. We need a old-car geek!

      Very happy evans is going! Made my day


        So Evans quits...what a joke and what a joke of a show, I personally had no interest in watching the new series, and yes I know this sounds cruel but Evans has the personality of a "bucket of water", why would the BBC put a tired looking old man in the hot seat?.

        Surely they could have found fresh new faces to host show, or go and hire the crew from axed 5th gear would have more of a chance.


          Originally posted by alpha View Post
          Chris Harris being so positive about the NSX, with brake-by-wire and steer-by-wire seems odd, didn't quite buy the enthusiasm. Otherwise a pretty good segment, Harris is still a joy to watch.
          - - - Updated - - -

          That in the Guardian seems a bit strange indeed.

          But I pretty much agree with what that article says, including the news.


            was crap final episode though... and fifth gear did that jump off thing already.. .There has been nothing original in this series at all..


              All in all not a bad ep. at all. Probably the best of this series.

              Evans was in a no win position, and I do feel a bit sorry for him. He was not at all irritating in this ep, IMHO. His presentation of a very expensive "better than new" MGB was well done. He never did have any comedic chemistry with Matt, however. The interaction between the hosts is what made the CHM version of the show, and is what makes many other shows successful as well.

              I still think bringing 2 star guests on at the same time is awkward at best and something that should be changed. The exception would be if they are in a film together or have some other connection (like in the old series when they had Simon Pegg & Nick Frost).


                Honda NSX: Again, a proper Top Gear new car review by a proper new car reviewer. Chris Harris needs to be the lead presenter of Season 24. On the bad side, Evans is back to shouting at 12 again.

                Ford Mustang GT:SIARCC:Porsche 911R: Matt LeBlanc is a 911 owner and fan so the producers finally found something to get him excited about. And it shows - to great effect and benefit.

                Rejuvenated British Classics:PIARCC (Presenters in a Rally Cross Car): Something that was shorter than SIARCC, but seemed longer.

                And so Season 23 goes out with, if not a bang, not a whimper, either. My overall opinion of Season 23 is that it was not rubbish, but neither was it good. I will not be buying it to own, I will not be downloading TV rips to watch again and I skip it when BBC America does repeats (which I admittedly do as well with some earlier seasons, but overall I will watch it if it is on TV).


                  Finally watched. Knowing that the irritating prick was sacked (yeah "decided to step down" my arse) made the ep pretty enjoyable. This actually gave me hope for a good season 2 (Or 24, but for me it's season 2).

                  NSX was good, I'm warming up to Harris (I must be one of the 18 people who don't find him all that special)
                  Mustangs was VERY good!! Reid has that Top Gear spark, this review was really Top gear-ish.
                  Loved the 911R bit too, LeBlanc felt relaxed there, and he's losing that "I just woke up" voice he has.
                  Now the classics... It's not because I dislike Evans, but I think that final part would be a perfect moment to give Jordan a chance.

                  6/10. Average, which is good considering the rest of the season.


                    I kinda enjoyed most of this episode (yeah, had the 'Stars' part on but didn't pay attention to it). Thought the Jump segment was probably the closest they've gotten to the TG that we miss.

                    Having said that, I've deleted every episode after I've watched it this series - I usually save the eps until the DVD comes out. Most likely will not be buying the DVDs if/when they get released. I've watched the shows once, don't really feel any burning need to rewatch any of them.


                      When even the guys at FinalGear don't care enough to argue and make smart-alek comments about the show for weeks, the Beeb is in very serious trouble.


                        Originally posted by Delarent View Post
                        Umm wtf..? Matt did the porsche review
                        Yeah, I was talking about Patrick Dempsey, you know, one of the star guests?

                        Originally posted by pete8475 View Post
                        Chris Evans changed the way people watch Top Gear! Now they just don't watch it at all.

                        Love this. FACT.

                        Originally posted by Captain Black View Post

                        Bye Bye Chris!

                        Is this the new line up?

                        I'd watch anything with Nigel Farage in it. Too bad I'm Norwegian and can't wote for the guy :/