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  • Not seen it before and definitely new to me. Thanks for letting me know. Going to look into getting their prices and shipping. Need some new Doctor Who posters.
    Hm... gorivo je bilo cca 200 eurov skupaj. Hrana i pice, cca 50 po osobi. 1 runda ringa 22 ojro. Napravili smo cca 1000km, avto je trosio 8.3l/100km. Gorivo u njemackoj je jako skupo. Na autobanu skoro 1.5 eura, na stranskim putovima 1.28 eura/l.
    Yeah in all honestly its completely retarded, I guess there was some sarcasm showing, but the point that the stupid quiz makers got the car wrong in the quiz is the pathetic truth.
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