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    FINALGEAR TOY CAR WORLD TOUR Pt.2 - Zastava 101 Edition

    And you can't have it :p
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    gotta say, 10min @ 300W sounds like serious wattage, good for you if you're pumpung out those numbers :mrgreen: I don't really know what kind ofn power I'm putting out, a powermeter would be nice, but those tend to cost almost as much as my whole bike :ROFLMAO: But I'm guessing even that entry...
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    First off, eizbaer!! 😁 I've not seen you in a while, man, hope you're good! Nice setup you got there, and the bike looks nice too. I've beedn thinking about getting the cheapest smart trainer, too, to make the winter trainer rides a little less dull. Secondly, I should come here more...
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    Mini Roadtrip 2020 - Staying Local and Going Loco

    @Adrian CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I'll be on the bike! I'm sure Joe could be easily persuaded to join :mrgreen:
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    MWF+HWF3.0 Anniversary/Coco+IceBone Birthday Google Meet Sat Jun 13th

    oh damn! 20-30 minutes?! usually if it's hail it lasts for a couple minutes, not much longer. And what about those poor cars.
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    Ringmeet 2020 - A clear case of Carownervirus!

    weeeelll, since I'm proooobably not attending, maybe would be better for someone else to do it. I mean, wouldn't really be a problem for me, just the problem of getting them to germany
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    HD upscaled pre-2009 Top Gear

    I like the clip you posted. I've not watched the old episodes on a while but the video quality is probably much better. If not for the whole episodes, having at least some tests and challenges upscaled would be really nice. Kudos to you. Also, this clip reminded me just how fun Top Gear used to...
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    Scoob! - A New Scooby Doo Movie from Warner Brothers

    I've not seen a Scooby Doo episode in a whiiiiiile. Like, 90's a while :D This looks, okay-ish, I guess. Don't like the music tbh. Thx for the Batman clip, though, @captain_70s , can never go wrong with classic Conroy Batman :love:
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    Last movie you saw?

    Great action, story was a but nothing really, but an interesting timekiller flick. Good Zombie flick, both fun and dramatic.
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    Ownership Verified: Plug Me In, Daddy - Another Tesla Model 3 Performance

    Cool, congrats! Also, very nice colour!
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    Random Thoughts... [Photographic Edition]

    I have an old d50 I have just laying in a box. Still worked last time I checked. I could lend it to you if you want. Only trouble is one of my lenses died, and now I only have a 18-200 and a 50mm prime. I guess I could live without the prime for a month or two. Actually, I haven't even tuched...
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    Last movie you saw?

    Very good, entertaining. Also very good and entertaining, the Guy Ritchie of old I'd say. As a big DC ( a comics and CBMs in general) fan, I guess I had to see it, though I skipped the theater release. Now that I have, I know I won't be doing that again. It's kind of boring and I don't like...
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    Last TV show you saw?

    I keep forgetting about it, I'm 3 eps in. I guess I just don't have the time, or if I do, I forget :D Lately I've been watching only Brooklyn99, Westworld and now Killing Eve is back too. To think we used to keep up with maybe 10 shows on a regular basis, sheesh, now I can barely make the time...
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    Balkan 2020 Roadtrip - Pre-Ringmeet

    UPDATE accommodations for days 1 and 2 are pretty much sorted, we will all probably be staying at one place, it's currently under construction, but I'm being assured it will be done before Easzer, so that's good. The place will have an option of breakfast, lunch and dinner, but we will make...
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    Balkan 2020 Roadtrip - Pre-Ringmeet

    To the point and honest, at least we know what we can expect. I'm testing the Alfa this time, it's a fairly used car now, so if I dent it a bit it's not a big problem, right? :mrgreen: