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    [12x04] November 23rd, 2008

    just because of the Zonda F Convertible and the Bugatti Veyron, i'd give it a 10. again, the challenges feel scripted, but other than that, the whole episode is, as usual, entertaining. the problem i see is that the turns of the TG test track is too tight, so it's gonna slow the 2-ton Veyron...
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    Creative forum punishments

    i don't mean it.:P
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    The most disgusting thing ever
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    hi everybody! this is james here. i'm from singapore and this year i'm 13. am i the youngest here? :P i enjoy watching both top gear and fifth gear! i have big interest in automobile and my wish is to become a race driver as my job. i'm looking into go-karting soon, after my exam ends which is...
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    2008 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix

    proud singaporean here. i think it was a good race, as there's lots of drama and unexpected things happening. congrats to alonso! he did a great job! his car wasn't very fast and he had a terrible time yesterday, but yet he battled through the odds and won!