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  • No worries, I was just screwing with you. I'm looking for another ford truck or bronco right now actually. If you ever decide to paint the truck yourself, feel free to ask me questions, I'm doing Autobody and paint in school and I've painted vehicles before.
    I don't hate your truck. I've owned 76, 88 and 95 Ford trucks with 390, 460 and 351 V8s and I enjoyed all of them. That said, it gets tiring of seeing all your rah rah F150 flareside posts. Enjoy your truck but once you gain a little perspective you'll see that a full-size truck with a compact bed and a shitty paintjob is not a world beater.

    I may drive a Hyundai, but I don't go around brand-whoring and dismissing anything newer or different.
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