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    Adrian and his trusty sidekick crossing the Americas - Summer-Fall 2015

    +1 Colorado really looks stunning :wub:
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    My first track day - any advice?

    And don't ride the curbs too violently :D
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    No 56k: Ringmeet 2015 - We're gonna need a bigger camp site...

    991 GT3?? :jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop:
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    Ownership Verified: What sort of idiot buys a BROWN Porsche?

    I'm watching this review and I'm starting to feel jealous.. Slightly.. Not much.. A bit.. Quite a bit :drool: The greatest driving road in the world? Porsche Boxster GTS on Majorca | evo
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    Ownership Verified: What sort of idiot buys a BROWN Porsche?

    I dig the colour combo! Very nice porsch :cool:
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    Project Planning: Modernization done right

    Here's an idea for you that I stumbled upon.. :)
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    Le Mans 24hrs 2015

    +1 :) Can't rep you but thanks!
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    Ownership Verified: My inevitable E39. I ///M not saying anything without my lawyer!

    Only one thing to do now.. Fit some Eisenmann :cool:
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    Ownership Verified: 2015 Seat Leon FR TDI Apollo Blue

    I saw one Leon in even brighter shade of blue, it looked phenomenal! But still, very nice car there! :cool:
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    Ownership Verified: 2015 Fiat 500e

    It appears to be excellent..
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    Ownership Verified: Weird Finn buys a scooter (Honda NM4 Vultus)

    Oh my. Never seen something like that. Looks seriously out of this planet.. Awesome! :cool:
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    Richard Hammonds jacket

    I can't tell where he got it from, but brand is Canada goose. Famous for excelent winter coats and jackets filled with goose down
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    Alloy wheels

    I will, but I don't think they'll admit such thing.. Anyway, thanks for advice! :cheers:
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    Alloy wheels

    Now I see what you mean :nod::thumbup: But still, to me personally that doesn't mean much since I can drive car legally without such certificate.. Could this be the only difference and reason for premium price?