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    Your perfect two car garage

    2 cars is so hard - they would both have to be classics though. 1964 Ford Galaxie 500xl Convertible (in Red/Black Roof) 1959 cadillac Eldorado Biarritz convertible (Preferably this colorway) Of course Id need a daily driver too and that would be a late model 3 series or m5 :P
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    What non-boring car could take 3 child seats in the back?

    How about this! Ford Falcon FPV...Ticks all the boxes :P
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    Ownership Verified: 1965 Ford Anglia

    Random question - where have you fitted your speakers? I am weighing up whether to install them onto spacers on the sides of the car in front of the front doors (which I really don't want to do) or whether to place them in boxes in the front parcel tray. I have seen that your friend with the...
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    My 1965 Ford Anglia 105e

    It was awesome! The people from the building factory were more than happy to let us take photos and even gave us a 'tour' as such :) The building is basically as it was when it was closed down after Ford left. Other than a few cosmetic changes on the exterior and interior it is more or less...
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    My 1965 Ford Anglia 105e

    The Anglia visited its birthplace today - the factory it was produced within at Seaview, Wellington. Now a Placemaker's (Building) franchise, the factory has been overhauled inside but aside from that still remains fairly similar on the exterior. The people at Placemaker's came out to see the...
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    My 1965 Ford Anglia 105e

    I refuse to bring it out in the rain...where I live we seem to have fairly decent weather though so its not that often.
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    My 1965 Ford Anglia 105e

    HAHA...very true, its still very warm here. Im so fussy though, I refuse to get it out even if it look like it might rain :P I am getting it out tomorrow for the weekend so Ill do the proof photo and hopefully give it a good polish! :)
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    My 1965 Ford Anglia 105e

    The cars locked in storage and I barely manage to get to it now that we're in Winter - Ill aim to have one done before the weekend if the weather holds out :)
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    Ownership Verified: 1965 Ford Anglia

    That looks fantastic!! I am very jealous haha
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    Ownership Verified: Jasonof2000's brand new 2013 Focus ST3

    COOL!!!! Impossible not to like the look of that exterior :D
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    My 1965 Ford Anglia 105e

    Last of the new parts arrived today to do its service; Oil filter(s) Fanbelt The Anglia started using a new oil filter sometime during the end of 1964 and being a newbie to the Anglia I had no idea which one it took so I got both - the guy at the auto store didn't charge me for the other and...
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    The car cleaning thread

    The only thing my dad will clean the white writing on his Mustang's cooper cobra radials is with hot soapy water and a really fine piece of sandpaper (crazy you might say?). He read it in a NZ car magazine and tried it out - worked a charm and because its really fine sandpaper, no harm done to...
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    Ownership Verified: 1965 Ford Anglia

    Definately does! I really admire the work you've done on your 105e, hence why Im using a lot of the work you have carried out as an example and integrating it into mine :D
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    Mercedes W123/W124/W126/W201/W202

    The first car I ever bought was a 1992 w201 190e. What an amazing car to own and drive! At 150k on the clock when I sold it, it still drove like new. Am I the only person who thinks these were a men's car? :P Mine had a blue exterior with blue cloth interior and carpet and woodgrain panels -...
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    Cool/Awesome Car Commercials

    I think anybody residing in NZ will agree that Toyota make some of the best Car commercials on tv. In early 2000 Toyota released this commercial for their 4x4 Hilux. The ad ended up being abolished from tv as so many people took offence to the term "bugger." ENJOY! :D