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    The Music Thread

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    MLB '11/'12 Offseason Thread

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    2012 FIA WEC/ALMS/ELMS/BES Thread

    2012 ELMS Entry list: Stephane Sarrazin to join Starworks Motorsports...
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    Random Thoughts... (Motorsports Edition)

    How many international drivers have had full-time drives in the modern V8 Supercar era?
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    2012 FIA WEC/ALMS/ELMS/BES Thread

    Am I right in thinking the #99 AMR GTE-Am car is the Young Driver squad from FIA GT?
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    2012 FG Fantasy Baseball: Harder Better Faster Stronger

    Thanks, but no thanks. Got too much stuff on my plate over the next few months to keep going with it.
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    MLB '11/'12 Offseason Thread!/Padres/status/153185013419094016
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    The "Post your Christmas presents" thread 2011

    Dropkick Murphys and Iron Maiden t-shirts 2 Best Buy gift cards (total of $75) Skyrim :D Korn - The Path of Totality Dethklok - Dethalbum and Dethalbum II Metalocalypse Season 1 Dethklok tab books from both albums UK copy of Top Gear Magazine iRig hardware and App Super 8 Blu-Ray/DVD
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    The Music Thread

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    The Music Thread

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    The Music Thread
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    The Music Thread

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    2011 Endurance Racing Thread

    I think a major part of why the Audis have been in so many incidents this year is due to their lack of visibility. They've used an open-top car for 10 years or so and this was the first season in a long time where they've used a coupe.
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    ^Imagine if Rockstar made a DLC pack to LA Noire where you got to play a mobster and terrorize 1940s LA. :rofl:
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    2013 Formula 1 Grand Prix of America/New Jersey/New York?! Something else from Autoweek.