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  • Hah. Yeah, while I'm not nearly as well versed on the transit bus side of things, it's nice to take a moment and learn about something new!

    2 of the buses on my college campus are of the low floor variety..I have sat on the seats above the wheels as well and it's definitely not good: ok for a kid but anyone over the age of 10 will likely be annoyed.

    There are a few hybrid city buses in my local city transportation system's fleet, I've never got the chance to ride one despite wanting to. They manage and operate the fleet themselves and for the most part there's been no real issues. Interestingly, hybrid has been tried in the school bus (yeah i had to tie it in somehow) sector but it's never really caught on. The two "big" bus makers, IC and Thomas both abandoned their hybrid efforts and I haven't seen one in the flesh. The latest propulsion/alt fuel buzzword in that market is propane.
    Yeah that's no problem at all. I'll just forward it all to MWF as a late xmas present. I'm sure he'd love em.
    That was so much flattery in my rep, that I shall now explode from it.


    Also the daschund on the turntable is awesome sauce.
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