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  • Hot and stuffy today since apparently skeleton staff at the office somehow does not entitle us to air conditioning. But at least there is a decided lack of idiots in my immediate vicinity today :D

    How goes your neck of the woods?
    awwwwwww lucky. We had hot mugginess. At least it's been cool the last couple of days, with lots of rain.
    but you are tough and hardy alaskarat. Only slightly less tough and hardy than an aussie :tease:
    there there (as in your posting)? or here there (as in, should I be checking over my shoulder?)?
    we also have staff that do home visits. Lots of mental health and aggro clients. And we usually go out alone (might have a buddy doing the block of flats next door, or someone doing visits in the next street or suburb). But it can get a bit hairy. Hell, even the cops travel in pairs.
    well, while you're sitting there, feel free to write up the minutes of my last Work Safety meeting...

    3 pages of action items in my crap handwriting - GO! I'll time you :D
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