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  • Twice why I don't know what you mean. I don't see anything unusual about my previous post. Perhaps you need new glasses, I know a good eye doctor.
    :lol: you had to tell me twice!!!

    Perhaps you need to do the Wolverine thing and get some titanium bones so you don't lose any more teeth? :p
    wow! *fingers crossed for pain free recovery* I'm figuring you have stitches and everything.

    Are they going to replace them with falsies? I have a titanium front tooth after I had one break off at the gum line.
    well, you could post it in the "Xmas Hat My Avvie" thread and see what happens. There are some talented people out there :D
    Bloody hell, that's gotta suck (and hurt) :hug: Might have to take it easy with the turkey dinner this year. Although one of the women here, her father went in for an extraction and they found bone cancer in his jaw when they did the x-ray. He's just had most of his jaw removed.

    I'm in Canberra (the capital).
    :blink: wow

    Well, guppy (darkshark) has reappeared after 2 years of silence (left the US for the UK to go an learn to be an aircraft engineer (or some such smarty pants thing) which is really nice). Had birthday for mother on Sat, and general errands, cleaning, homework (writing referee reports for staff) and horse care as per usual. Although we're back down to single digit overnight temps... But with all the rain this week, and the bit of sun we have now had, the town is so very green. Significantly different to the usual 'dried crisp drought brown' we are so used to.
    Well, if you call the Legislative Assembly a castle and the other political parties as Dragons, then I suppose so :tease:

    The Constituents are the villagers, that can be waving pitch forks and torches, and the knights can be the men and women of the police force. The slaves in the dungeon are us :p
    :dance: for Dave. :lol: Oooooh, whole hog... have fun with that.

    hehehehehe careful, you'll have spring before you know it and the breakup will be on. You'll have missed Xmas entirely.

    If only I could. Unfortunately the Minister outranks Ron and her wrath is not one to incite! You have it off instead :)
    Yeah, but basically I go to a private dentist and pay. I don't think I've ever made a claim on dentist costs.

    You would be kicked out of our team at work. Strictly Bah Humbug. In fact, in the annual christmas decoration competitions, we have won the "Bah Humbug" Award. The funny thing was last year we were instructed to participate and decorate our unit. So we did. Then we had to move floors, so we moved and redecorated. Then they cancelled the competition as we had been the only unit to decorate. :lmao:

    How is Mr Throop recovering?
    Well that's good. Sounds like you have better access than we do!

    No respect at all. This is the second one that's retired on me. Perhaps I scare them. :lol: no gas. Hell, never used to get anaesthetic either. It's all a new experience now. Pain free dentistry!
    Bloody heck... Not even an emergency appointment? Fingers crossed it doesn't get worse on the weekend. We only have one dentist that works Sundays in this town. And only emergencies. I've had to go there twice now for emergency treatment that has been followed up by my usual dentist. Although I'm 'breaking in' a new dentist since my usual one decided to retire last year.
    Mistakes get made unfortunately. Hopefully the guy kept his fingers. At least here there is also a requirement for the staff to also be responsible for their own safety. To think before they do something, so there is shared responsibility for all HS matters.

    As for colours, girls can get pink usernames if they join the not-a-dudes group. Blue means VIP (contributions like money, sexual favours, or other significant contributions to the site or Viper/Quiky). Bolded red is for moderators. Green is celebrity (I think Matt Farrah is the only one, and that's coz he's on The Car Show)
    You can fix stuff and cook....

    At least you're not so stinky so I don't have to ban you quite so hard :lmao:
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