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  • yes, but as least if they've signed the waiver I can 'charge' them a bottle of coke, chocolate or some other stipend to compensate me for my efforts. And as for the applicants? They can sign a sheet when they come into your office "I don't deserve the job because I am a dumbarse and cannot follow instructions, I understand that my application will not be reviewed if submitted". Leave it in the middle of your desk with a pen.
    HAHAHAHAHAHA very VERY true. I have also made people sign indemnity waivers when I get pestered to remove the password protections so they can "be more responsive to changes". Yes, I am no longer responsible if you fuck it up. Your problem, you fix. :angel:
    it's the people that sit there with their spreadsheet and a calculator, manually adding up a column of numbers... :wall:
    :roflmao: Nice to know that the inability to refer to tabs on spreadsheets is not solely limited to my colleagues
    I am wearing a T-Shirt with a pocket. Just helped tow a helicopter in it was a little chilly (yes I had my coat on). Are you sure waving at folks in a combat zone is a safe thing to do?
    You've been busy :D -38oC??? You need to be PackRat right now, and then be TexasRat before fingers start falling off. And I say this from a mild 13oC that will shortly be in the mid-20s. Perfect t-shirt weather :tease:

    Tell your son to wave at the Aussies. A few of my friends are on their way over there on a boat right now (incl my bro's gf's brother)
    :lol: well, I've got him stashed up the road in a hotel. He'll be up and about soon, no doubt. Traffic chaos here we come :D

    So, staying in AK? Or itching to see other places?
    cheeky bugger.

    Well, I've done 14 years in public services.... I think I'm there for the long haul
    Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang
    Walla walla, bing bang

    You ok? sounds like you tripped over some pots and pans
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