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    [27x01] Jun 16, 2019

    The whole series has been short but enjoyable IMHO
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    [27x02] Jun 23, 2019 Electric Car Special

    Well I thought it was excellent. Only minus point was the celeb barrier section which was a bit unnecessary and the guests who weren’t into cars at all. Apart from that some genuine laughs and entertainment. Felt like a mix of the hammerhead eagle episode and the endurance race in the old coupes...
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    McGuinness and Flintoff announced as new hosts

    I read somewhere that Reid was spotted script editing in the grand tour tent but as always on social media it’s probably not true
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    [25x01] February 25th, 2018

    I thought it was perfectly reasonable viewing. The chain car racing was pretty funny too. Still not convinced on Rory but it was a solid start. 7
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    [2x11] - February 16, 2018 - Feed the World

    Haven’t watched it but going on the reviews on here and some strong negative comments on the GT Facebook page I’m going to give it a miss. Would be a shame to ruin the good last 3/4 episodes with a massive let down
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    [02x08] January 26, 2018

    Very good episode. 9. But why was James bragging about how quick the Honda went round the Nurburgring when we know from the top gear days he absolutely hates how manufacturers design cars to go round there?!
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    Top Gear UK new season

    another new trailer
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    Top Gear UK new season

    Anyone interested in this anymore? I thought the last series was actually pretty good
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    [02x04] December 29, 2017

    Lurker here. I agree with you about the clearly scripted “non scripted” film, it was an absolute mess and like they were sticking two fingers up at everyone who complained. I actually thought it was quite disrespectful to their loyal fans who followed TG for years. Other than that I thought the...