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    Season 3 Trailer release - January 18 air date

    I think they've done Christmas specials after Christmas before... I'm almost positive I remember something like that from TG days, or maybe the first season of GT?
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    Season 3 Trailer release - January 18 air date

    Yeah this looks like it may be the best yet. Hope they get renewed for another 3 seasons :)
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    Grand Tour a big winner for Amazon Prime Video

    Interesting. From that math, Season 1 cost Amazon about $74 million. I believe the initial estimates were that GT would cost ~$250 million over 3 seasons. This all seems very much in line. Possibly, they wanted to undershoot season 1's budget in case it flopped, and then boost the remaining...
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    New TGUS on BBC America: Episode 1

    Admins: Feel free to move to the specific episode forum (I can't post there) It appears that BBC America is streaming the entire episode online for free (ad supported): Streaming quality was...
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    Season 2 coming in October

    I didn't really mind Celebrity Brain Crash. It was short, to the point, and was a way to kill off having celebrities as guests. It was the part of TG that I never really enjoyed (but primarily because I didn't know most of the guests). Even still, the "So he's not coming on the show then?"...
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    Drivetribe = Porntribe?

    You're welcome
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    Season 2 coming in October

    Right, so it's going to change what they do, but not delay. Shots of Hammond working in the office would be great.
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    Season 2 coming in October

    Doubt it, they'll just put him in a wheelchair accessible vehicle or something. If I know their style, they'll spin it to their own benefit. Imagine a cross-country challenge in accessible vehicles bought for less than $2000 or something :lol: Although... some of the vans do have legitimately...
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    The celebrity situation... it's getting worse

    Probably the most commonly held criticism of any form of Top Gear has been the SIARPC/SIARFC/SIA___ segment. This seems to be a common theme regardless of the format, country, presenters, or track. While I think the new iteration of Top Gear is a massive improvement over last year's disaster...
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    Clarkson's Sunday Times Columns

    I must say, that is definitely in the top 3 articles I've read from him. Hilarious, true, and poignant.
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    [01x09] January 06, 2016

    Amazing episode. Starting to get over the forced/scripted bits, and understand that it's all loaded with subtle details to thumb their noses at political correctness/the BCC. Example: the auction card that Jeremy dropped had a cock drawn on it. Of course, there's definitely some...
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    TGT is a fail and here's why

    Regarding points a,b,c,d and e, CHM and co have stated multiple times that it "isn't a car show" but rather a bunch of "blokes cocking about" or something to that effect, depending on who was speaking. So they've been rather clear in their early interviews that it's just them doing silly stuff...
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    [01x05] December 16th, 2016

    I genuinely enjoy that they bother to include locally relevant material (like jokes). I had to pause to look up that word (can't even remember it now...) and the history, got the joke, but really glad that they are making it relevant to each locale. Everything else was great, and really feels...
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    The Grand Tour 'most illegally downloaded TV programme in history'

    It's not that spread yet, but by this month or next, it'll be in 200+ countries:
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    [01x04] December 9nd, 2016

    I actually think this one was slightly above average (compared to previous 3 episodes). I liked that the BMW review didn't turn back to some discussion about how he'd rather have the BMW after all. And I thought the eco car stuff was pretty funny in parts (mud falling apart, bones crushing...