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  • So why no posts for the last couple of years? Just realised you are a Dan Fan too.

    Last call to do your shopping......
    you did :lol:!

    But it did emphasize the importance of the matter, at least :p

    Oh, and supposedly, I'm a forum troll :lol:
    Has Trent trumpeted your eardrums to a pulpous mulch yet with his screaming voice? :lol:

    It's funny you mention NiN, actually, because it was actually the first music that I ever listened to and liked (though I've grown out of a lot of it now - I still like all of his instrumentals :D)

    One small thing I just noticed - if you want to post in Lens Flare it should be only one post per day. I think you pu in three last post you could (possibly) fall foul of the Mods. Just thought I'd mention it and this bit of the Board is a bit tight knit so you ease yourself in gently as there are actually several Professional photographers on the Board who will help you get better if asked. ...

    (Ian) Cobol74
    essay? gross, i just got on vacation last week. so i just watch tv all day, its amazing
    Sounds like your dad knows his stuff... my dad, he never really told me about what music he liked and what bands he saw live. I just started listening to his albums on my own accord, and pretty soon I got to be a bigger fan of these bands than he was.

    The only concert he's told me about is Jethro Tull, which played at his college in Illinois in the very early 70s. Oh, and he also saw Frank Zappa and the Mothers at some point.

    What do you think of Neil Young? There's a thread ongoing about him and everyone's bashing him. Maybe you wanna head over and defend a fellow Torontonian? :p

    Oh, and I'm doing well. I have no school and I'm unemployed for now, so funnily enough I pretty much spend the entire day these days listening to music. I was listening to some JJ Cale before, but then I remembered I hadn't been on FG in like 4 hours. :D
    That's impressive indeed. I occasionally meet people with the same weird taste in music as I, but I've never talked to anyone who liked King Crimson, Genesis and Yes that wasn't at least 50 years old.

    I've never really gotten into Genesis, though weirdly I do have a few Peter Gabriel songs in my collection... and a few Phil Collins songs too, I used to love to rock out to Sussudio. :unsure:

    Did you discover awesome rock music by yourself? I got my love of 60/70s rock from my dad... probably the thing I'm most grateful for getting from him. I'm guessing it might be the same for you, since good music is hard to come by these days unless you are gradually introduced to old stuff as a kid.

    Ah, I digress. As you can tell I like talking music... sadly, most people nowadays are into such awesome albums as Kanye's Gradumacation.
    Thanks for the rep. I put that cover up a few years back but soon took it down, thinking most people would think it's just some sort of emo picture. I ran out of other ideas for avatars though, so it's back.

    Didn't it used to say on your profile you were about 15? Very interesting musical taste for a teenager, though I heard King Crimson first around that age too. :cool:

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