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  • Yeah, definitely volunteer positions would help you get experience and contacts for when you go for other positions. It'll look up for you :)

    Missed out on the grad position with Coles. Dont think I was able to convey any sort of enthusiasm in the interview. I mean, it's retail FFS :p The grad girl who showed me around a store (she went to my school, one year below me...) was really enthusiastic about the job and explaining the nuances of different fruits and vegs, etc and I'm just going 'uh huh, uh huh, uhh....huh', trying to look all interested and shit but failing hopelessly :p

    It's not all bad though, I'm close to sealing a deal with a major rail operator which would mean moving to Parkes, NSW (dont laugh). It pays a fuckload more as well :D Should be good!
    Hey how are ya! I did sport and recreation mgt at UniSA, which I started in 2005 and finished last year in August. I found hunting for a job to be quite difficult as I probably didn't use my time at uni all that effectively in setting up those sort of processes. The grad position really has nothing to do with the degree I've done, other than the fact I've done it.

    What degree did you do? I'd suggest you start looking for work now while you're still finishing :)
    So far so good here. This island is still a lot of fun. Hope everything is super-duper there too.
    Yep, the air force needed me here so here I am. Even after 8 months everything still feels new. Every weekend is like a little foreign vacation. I know how you feel going in and out of school. I did that for a few years before ending up here. Europe would be a lot of fun to spend some time in. I wouldn't mind ending up there once I leave here next year.
    Yes it has grown quite a bit. I remember the old days of being able to keep up with everything but now it's gotten to the point I can't even keep track of the regulars. I've been pretty good myself. Been living in Japan (Okinawa to be more precise) for the last 8 months. This place is so much fun and I still get very very lost sometimes. How have you been?
    I was browsing the forums and when I saw the online users list and when I saw your username there I pulled an Ob-Wan and said to myself "now that's a username I have not heard in a long time. A long time." It's been ages.
    ha, I was up in your neck of the woods for my 21st (went down to wollongong) but flew into Sydney...

    Sydney sucks compared to Melbourne tho
    Cheers for the +rep :)

    It makes me happy too, of course.

    Now I just gotta think what to do for Valentine's as it will be my first one I haven't wanted to go postal lol.
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