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    visit this link: they have 2939432 members and posted 464428385. Its the worlds BIGGEST forum. A few of my friends join it in order to destroy it but they were out numbered. We have alot of posting to do if we wanna catch them.
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    [07x01] November 13th, 2005

    What's That Song?
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    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Estate...

    No i havent been drinking. Its true.
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    Cannot access site or forum

    you didnt give details. and I dont know if he knew how. but it doesnt matter he IN.
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    Cannot access site or forum

    he's asking if there is there anyway of adding FG ip on the DNS file in windows? c'mon guy THINK!!!
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    Cannot access site or forum

    Im on MSN with him now and I passt along your suggestions. he doing a ipconfig /flushdns now. but it didnt work. keep those suggestions coming.
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    The World According to Clarkson

    The Professional was Jean-Paul Belmondo. Leon: The Professional was Jean Reno.
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    McLaren F1

    the McLaren F1 was reviewed on the old Top Gear by Tiff. I have the review. Sadly when writing to a CD it got corrupted. I fell in love with that car.
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    SL65AMG~V12~604BHP!!!!!!!, long and annoying names you say??? :roll: :P
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    F1 2005

    Sorry mate but i never heard of the Hungry GP!!! when was it???? I, on the other hand, watched the Hungarian GP this past weekend. It was pretty good.
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    [06x10] July 31st, 2005

    yes she is pretty I too was also distracted by her.
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    [06x10] July 31st, 2005

    subscribe to the Top Gear magazine and you'll get one. and when you get it send to this address.....
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    Which song do you think should win?

    Queen!!!!!!!!! Theres nothing better!!!
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    Top Gear T-Shirts?

    Damn thats not fair! When I saw the 'I AM THE STIG' T-shirt, I said to myself that I need one. But I cant subscribe to Top Gear Magazine since I live in Hungary. And Top Gear doesnt aire here so nobody would know what it says adn would be a one of a kind here... That is mancs doesnt already...