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    2015 Malaysian Grand Prix

    I know it... This is gonna be the greatest season ever. :mrgreen: I'm also extremely happy that I don't have to cheer for RBR anymore, as they seem to have become somewhat of an embarrassment. Seriously, hat's fucking off to Ferrari for fixing their power unit, and then putting it into a...
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    2015 Australian GP.

    Agree with Pininfarina_ on this one. Williams has spent a majority of their time at the back of the grid for a while now. They should thank their lucky stars that the Merc engine has propelled their mediocre chassis that severely lacks downforce as far up the grid as it has. And as far as...
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    That alone, in red, could be the largest contribution to motorsport in the last 20 years. :mrgreen: I'm just looking forward to next year... will be laughing my ass off at the Tifosi saying nice things about Vettel.
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    2015 Formula 1 Season Thread

    The minimum required is 16 cars, they have 18, so I don't see it happening next year. It could be a real possibility if Sauber and Force India can't get it together though.
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    Random Thoughts...[F1 edition]

    I was just wondering how they were going to mount a Hoveround scooter on the car for him. :mrgreen: Glad to see Ericsson moving up.. he is definitely the second best of the four drivers in the backmarker teams... Bianchi being the first. Come back Jules... We miss you.
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    Random F1 videos

    I'd like to see Fernando in Massa's seat at Williams... :D
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    If you think this one is bad, take a look at the new Azerbaijan track. They managed to come up with a layout almost entirely comprised of 90 degree corners, on narrow streets. I seriously hope that track falls through.
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    2014 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Sure seems like it... He's managed to piss just about everyone off that has worked for him, be it driver or engineering/technical personnel.
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    2014 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Good GRIEF you guys... don't dogpile on Mpicco for that remark... I would have said 'Schumacher Reborn', but we all know where he's coming from. Stop being dicks because you don't like him. I think Seb will do well there, new start for him, new start for them.. And hell, I'm not a massive...
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    2014 Formula 1 Season Thread

    AND they will probably end up leaving the sport anyway, they've pretty much been laughed out of it this year.. :lol: The irony of the mess that F1 has become. I just wish they would pull all the electronic crap off the cars, go back to naturally aspirated engines, give the teams a displacement...
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    2014 Japanse GP

    Nothing like this has happened in 20 years now... Vettel looked like hell when he got to the cool down room. I sincerely hope the kid is okay, he has one hell of a bright future ahead of him.
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    2014 Japanse GP

    This looks BAD...
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    2014 Japanse GP

    Hope you all are watching.. damn good since it finally started.
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    Pretty much what happened with Mclaren.. The corporate attitude is starting to invade F1 in earnest, and fans are suffering for it. :mad: The stupid 'ban all innovations' attitude by the FIA doesn't help either. Hell, I'll be happy if Ferrari is a shadow of it's former self even, next year...
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    Some teams just have better chassis. Merc got the goose that laid the golden egg this year.. good chassis and best engine.. RBR has by far the best chassis on the grid, considering they're 100HP down on power, and have still won three races, stayed closer to Merc than anyone else, and have...