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    The driver bashing thread

    Nico Hukenburg! I am sick of your shit you ass fucker!
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    2010 German Grand Prix - Hockenheim

    I have a feeling Ferrari will not be penalized further by the WMSC. This is exactly what Bernie needs to help him break up FOTA.
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    2010 German Grand Prix - Hockenheim

    Alonso will win the race, Red Bull's diffuser is really effective during qualifying because they turn on a setting on the engine to blow gas even when the throttle isn't being pressed. This uses a lot of fuel but gives them a lot more down force. They turn off the engine setting during the race...
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    The driver bashing thread

    Damn you Nico Hulkenburg!
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    SILLY SEASON 2009/2010

    Man I hope Schumacher goes to Mercedes. Not because I love Schumacher or anything, just to spite Rosberg. That pussy avoided Mclaren because he didn't want to be Hamilton's bitch. If Schumacher returns, he's going to be the bitch of the grid.
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    Official 2010 F1 Pre-Season Thread

    EJ was right about Jenson to Mclaren.
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    2009 Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix

    That fat bastard sneaks his way into every camera's sight.
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    Monday testing: Brilliant or stupid?

    Hey cmon, Bern does a lot of things people his age don't do. Walk, talk, yell and negotiate multi million dollar deals.
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    Race(s) to show to non-F1 fans?

    Nurburgring 2007 is pretty cool. What do you think the best race this year has been? I think maybe China.
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    Official Discussion Thread of the 2009 Formula 1 Season

    Yeah someone said to me "If Jenson won the last 6/7 races of the season and overtook Rubens as the WDC you'd consider him a worthy WDC", and they're right, I would. I guess whoever has the most points is the worthy WDC, but I STILL THINK BUTTON SUCKS AND WANT VETTEL TO WIN!
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    SILLY SEASON 2009/2010

    Piquet is no worse than Grosjean.