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    Music from Clarkson Supercar showdown

    Awesome, thanks alot. Oh and BTW, I always have the patience for a good trance track :P.
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    Music from Clarkson Supercar showdown

    Hey guys, Just curious about a song that features a couple of times, most prominently during the R8 review at around 58:41. It has female vocals with an uplifting trance tune. Any help would be appreciated.
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    what is the weirdest police car you have seen

    As have I...many times. I also regularly see an STI police car around my area.
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    What are you listening to right here, right now?

    Another Sunday -Paul Van Dyk - In Between (2007). Just listening to the whole albulm...electronic music FTW (as long as it isn't dirty electro. Or speedcore. Or Gabber :) )
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    Clarkson: Jeremy Mentions That he Sold his Gallardo in his New Article

    I'd be willing to put money that...the amount of money he'd lose on it would be stupid, especially as he's only had it for a short while. With the 560 on the way, the older Gallardo's resale value will drop massively very soon. Besides that, it's the famous Clarkson said above...
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    The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread

    Although I am a relatively inexperienced rider, in the short time I have been riding I have seen one fatal crash, one crash that was near fatal and one where the person lost around 30% of movement in his wrist. The latter 2 were my best mates, the former an acquaintence. Full faced FTW...when...
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    Your dream car and your "attainable" dream car

    Dream: Either a Superleggera or 430 Scuderia. Perhaps a Zonda F. If I went for beauty alone, 300sl. Attainable: At this point in my life a Golf R32 or an S3. Used of course. Hopefully in the next 10 years I'll be able to say M3.
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    I thought this day would never come...

    The reason Clarkson can and does say something like that is because unlike us, he has been driving the worlds fastest, expensive and most desirable cars for decades now. Couple that with the fact that he is a multi millionaire and you can understand why he has the luxury to choose a car based on...
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    Found my new car

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    Found my new car

    Man, why are so many people vilifying this guy because his parents are helping him out with a seventeen thousand dollar car? My parents paid for three quarters of my current car, an Audi A3, and we are by no means rich. I live in Liverpool, which is south-western Sydney (the aussies will get the...
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    Have any of you driven drunk before?

    I couldn't agree more...youth tends to be much more vindictive in it's beliefs. Not that I have ever driven under the influence, my license being the tool to get me to work, uni and the key to my social life, but like the old cliche goes...never say never. A few years back, when I was around...
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    BMW M5 touring vs. Benz 63 AMG

    Mate, spoken like a true Aussie :lol:
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    "It goes like stink" - Francie Clarkson

    She is...I think what they were saying is that Jeremy is a child. Either that or there is a misunderstanding here lol.
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    Oh, James...

    You have to admit though, that thread is laughable. We're hormone fuelled men, and a big part of Vicki's attractiveness is her ability to drive. These people (I use the term 'people' loosely') are actually capturing the TG boys on-air persona and constructing fantasies with reference to...
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    James May in Second Life

    Hahahahaha...I second that.