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    [14x07] Stats

    WTF- Antiques Roadshow is still in production?! GAH- it's been running for what- 20 years? And yet Channel Nine (limpid and useless station here in Australia that airs it) give us the same 12 episodes over and over again!! And...well done Top Gear. :D
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    Top Gear Show/Site Suggestions

    I'd like to see them do an Australia special- it's a big country and the landscape changes alot, so it's got the same base points as all the other OS specials. Perhaps...Perth to Byron Bay ? They could bend around the coast for a bit and then streak up through the desert and through the...
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    James May: The weekly Telegraph column by James thread

    I was so pleased he bought the grey one- I'm certain it was because I told him to! Everyone else was in favour of Red, but a grey one went past me a few weeks ago, and I thought it was the nicest, most non-wanky Ferrarri I'd ever seen. So well done James, on taking my advice. ;)
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    Hello all! New to the finalgear forums, not new to TG love (that's been going strong 2 years now). I'm 35, I'm an artist, I live in for Top Gear? I don't especially get into cars though I must say I hated them quite substantially before I started watching Top Gear...