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    Mini Roadtrip 2016 - Il Lavoro Italiano, Aug 7-11

    Switzerland ? Don’t you have to buy a carnet for a years use of their motorways even if you are just passing through ? Not only that, but if you are caught speeding they can confiscate your car !
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    What’s happening to car clubs ?

    Over the years I have started two car clubs. Both were for classic sports cars, with one being in Cambridgeshire and one in Hertfordshire. Both were successful and thrived. Nowadays car clubs seem to be going into decline insofar as my experience is concerned. Certainly my efforts to start...
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    RS4. Why uncool ?

    During a recent repeat of Top Gear, the boys said that the Audi RS4 was a great car to drive, but was seriously “Uncool”. I drive an RS4 V8 as well as several other cars ranging from an Aston to a Triumph Herald. I think that the RS4 is cool. It’s a midsize very fast FWD estate. Why do...