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  • I'm alive almost everyday, but I just don't have time to post ><

    Anyway, I can tell Santa will bring you a BMW M3 Cabriolet this X'mas, I hope :p
    YOU EVIL @$?$@?@%?!!!!!

    I'm away for a few weeks and you go and pull some 50000 stunt. GRRRR. you will pay!

    nah, it's easy peasy, hovver your mouse over the thread icon, it tells you how many :p
    You've been busy :D -38oC??? You need to be PackRat right now, and then be TexasRat before fingers start falling off. And I say this from a mild 13oC that will shortly be in the mid-20s. Perfect t-shirt weather :tease:
    This week was a shocker. You'd think we were closing down for a month. I spent 9-5 in fucking meetings and then 5-8 trying to get work done. Useless pricks.

    No plans. Got to get some cleaning done, the feed sheds measured up so I can get the floors concreted, wash/vac the car if the rain holds off, all the usual crap. Hell might even drag some mates to the movies or the pub.

    but these days you really can't afford to do that. If you want to continue to trade up, keep the car current and be able to get parts at a reasonable price, the economic sense is to trade in every 2-3 years. ie I bought a $7k car, held it for 5 years and sold it for $6k (granted there was a significant amount of work into it at the start, so overall lost about $4k on it). Took that $6k and my savings and spent $32k. In another 2 + bit years, I've got $49k + $26k that the car is now worth. I can now look at something I want (RX-8, HSV Clubsport). The 2006 model has been supersceeded now by a 2.5l 4cyc engine with some extras, so when the 2008/09 models start hitting the 2nd hand market in about 18 months, my $24k will drop not only due to the age, but that there will be latest model 2nd hand on the market. It will make is significantly harder to buy another similar car as the interest rate on the savings / investments is not going to even nearly match what I lose in value.
    Urm... what would you do if I said I was the one who gave ashspet the idea of posting it in your User Profile so she can rub it in your face?
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