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  • :comfort: See you next year probably! & Get your Panda on the show circuit, I've seen much worse about. Let's you get into car shows for free as well. :D
    Afraid not! Would have been doing a show on Monday, but thanks to that red car my brother bought, workload has doubled so need to make good use of that time. The rest of my show dates this year are Hutton in the Forest 26th August, Ripon 2nd of September, and Crich Tramway Museum 9th September. Will have a full show season next year though, so hopefully more near you!
    Well I'm sorry for the lack of detail of a line in the middle of the roof. Obviously you aren't too worried about the bentness of it, the missing bumpers, and the fact the wheels aren't...round. :lol: But I suppose its still a better car than the actual one. :p
    Well I can try if you send it back to me - as it shows you 'guessing' it so it redraws it for me. I hope you guessed after I'd finished the main car :p
    I may be mad but even I don't buy cars that have:
    A: Been on fire, or
    B: Not run in over 30 years!
    Thx for the rep! Now you see how I manage to get to the front of the filming all the time ;)
    I do like the look of Beverley Minster too, I dunno know much about it though. I may have to go sometime an' get another lump in me throat. Haha! XD
    Oh I like it in there. It was Sunday too so there were services on an' the choir were singing too. I got a bit emotional actually. GO CHURCH OF ENGLAND!! XD
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