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    TGA Series 2 to have "a stunt in the studio"

    After going to episode 02x03 recording, I can safely say that the stunt it pretty cool. (no spoiler) Also, the news is not an issue either. I wont tell you why, but you have to trust that it is different to last season, and therefore is not date sensitive.
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    [01x01] September 29th, 2008

    I liked the show, and will keep watching it. It has teething problems, eg. there was not actually a car review, as such. I dont know which offroader to buy still. Charlie, stop waving your arms. I love the banter, and I think it will do well. Give it a chance people!
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    Australian version of Top Gear

    axing axing dont worry about finding good presenters. The Nanny government, the pedestrian council, the greens, and the "we want 30kph speed limits" groups will have the show shut down in 2 weeks. They always ruin anything even remotely fun or popular.