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    No More TGA until the end of the year

    The death of Aussie Top Gear rests with channel Nine, and Nine alone. Back in the SBS days, the only shows that rated higher than Aussie TG on that station were UK Top Gear, the Soccer World Cup, and the Tour De France. Changing the hosts again ment that they had to start building the chemistry...
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    [04x02] September 6th, 2011

    This deserves a serious answer, even if it is depressing. First of all, our population is tiny. Niche market segments like that are just too small here to justify wasting money on the attempt. Half the world's supercars don't even get a dealership here. Hell, most of the world's mass produced...
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    [04x02] September 6th, 2011

    I thought the Audi vs VW segment was quite good, but there was just something that wasn't quite right. The pacing and flow of the segment just seemed off. Maybe it was just the ad breaks distracting me. The smart car cyclist thing was kind of cute, but nowhere near funny enough. The Redback...
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    [04x02] September 6th, 2011

    Owing to the different laws here regarding musical content on TV, TGAU seems to just use generic "public domain" musical cues. The same way TGUK episodes have their music stripped for international broadcasts. Still, it saves them from paying for copyrighted music. Money that could be better...
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    [04x01] August 30th, 2011

    Let me just announce my bias right at the start here. I HATE the "Star in a reasonably priced car" segment, in all it's forms, on all versions of Top Gear. Sure, if you get a really interesting or funny guest, the interview might not be totally cringe-worthy. But the lap is only worth watching...
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    *tumbleweeds roll past*

    The UK version, the USA version, and Fifth Gear all have countdowns running on the home page. Even though the filming and studio cut scenes are complete, the Australian version is still listed as "Unknown". It's just a little sad.
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    *tumbleweeds roll past*

    At least I know why they didn't film a "News" segment. By the time Nine actually broadcasts it, they would have to re-title the segment "Ancient History".
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    *tumbleweeds roll past*

    From Steve Pizzati's Twitter: So, I guess Nine isn't even telling the on-air talent. This doesn't bode well...
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    *tumbleweeds roll past*

    So, it has been about a month since the studio taping, and there is still no word on when it will go to air? Curse you Channel Nine! The SBS series are looking better and better. Sure, they may not have the budget that Nine does, but at least they actually BROADCAST THE DAMN EPISODES!
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    TGA not returning for 2011

    What "MASH" has become for channel 7, what "The Simpsons" has become for channel 10, "Top Gear" will become for channel 9. Endlessly repeated. As they buy the rights to show old series, every episode will be hyped for a week or more with the tag line, "First time on Nine!" As they show new...
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    What has happened to TGA

    No, nothing official. Just my own theory. After the way they have completely stuffed it around, if they cancel it, I hope Top Gear UK goes shopping for another network.
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    What has happened to TGA

    Here is my guess at the decision process at Nine. Nine wanted Top Gear UK. It was the highest rating show on SBS. So Nine threw a huge sum of money at the Top Gear brand to lure them away from SBS. Top Gear said, "It is a package deal. If you want the UK version, you have to do the Aussie...
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    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    If you look at the list of Celebrity drivers listed on Shane Jacobson's website, there is still one that hasn't gone to air. I like the Australian version. I feel that there is a place for it alongside the UK version. It has matured quite a bit since series one, episode one. I believe that...
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    What is not happening with automotive styling

    I think Cadillac is the "exception that proves the rule." From every angle, it is instantly recognizable. I am quite upset that the global financial crisis killed the Australian export program. I think it would have done well here. I'd love to get my hands on a CTS coupe. Jaguar had to do...
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    Bad cars you have a soft spot for?

    The Aussie Ford Falcon, an EA model (1988 to 1990). Ford Australia were going through a major quality control crisis. It was an all new model, with only the engine and drive line carried over. The suspension was under-dampened, meaning that it felt like a hovercraft. The cheap interior panels...