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    [05x05] November 21st, 2004

    Actually i found that 55:00 - 56:09 - Craig Armstrong - Hanging Isnt Hanging, That is the Orchestral Origonal. Its actually Escape, From the soundtrack "Plunkett and Macleane". The difference is that they have a sort of Drum thing added to it!!!
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    Stars you wished were in a reasonably priced car.

    Ronan Atkinson and personally on the Racer in a reasonably priced car: Colin McRae
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    TG's upcoming American special

    From a Fat American, From the Middle of the USA... I value Everything Clarkson Says. A majority of America IS fat, and our cars... well, all i got to say is Quality isnt on the top of any list anywhere!!! I own a Chevy Cavalier.. It Rattles, squeeks, all make of cheap plastics, and heavy...
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    No 56k: Post Your Desktop!

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    Top Gear US Season Premier

    man... ive been watching for 4 hours now.....(not that i got bored) What a dissapointment! Hope it comes on later...
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    Top Gear USA -- The Presenters?

    As an American.... Im going to have to say... ... that this is going to be a Dissapointment! Why cant we get off of our high horse and accept that being offended is a part of life so we can enjoy our Clarkson! Till then... VUK.. keep them coming!! hehe
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    "in pecunity, its the mother of ingenuity" MG ZT260