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    Bugatti Veyron once again claims the title with the 267.9 mph Supersport

    That car in all black Carbon fiber with black wheels, please. Imagine taking that thing out on the Autobahn at night. I'd just need someone to do an override for that Speed Key system, because when you set off in speed mode, and hit the brakes, you're back in handling mode and can't do more than...
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    [15x01] June 27th, 2010

    Looks like the new Astra to me.
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    Autoblog: Report: Dodge originally developed SLS AMG to be next-gen Viper

    It's not Mercedes' fault that Chrysler produced mostly shit cars over the last years (except for the 300C, which is an E-Class, really). Chrysler even got to use Mercedes' excellent 3-liter diesel engine for the Jeeps. Chrysler did nothing but cost Mercedes a shitload of money (not saying that...
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    Pagani Zonda Uno

    Come on, if you were Pagani or another very-low-volume car maker and someone came and said "build such a car for me, don't care what it costs", you'd do it as well.
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    Pagani Zonda Uno

    The first pic is from the same guy's Koenigsegg CCXR.
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    Pagani Zonda Uno

    Hello fellows, I'd like to point out a very interesting thread over at Teamspeed: A car enthusiast from the middle east has Pagani build him (as we speak) the one and ultimate Zonda, called Uno, with styling...
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    GM investing $890M in next-gen small block V8s

    Cruising at 80mph down the autobahn, my Mercedes E220 CDI does about 50mpg, and is perfectly silent. Driving at that sort of speed constantly, nearly every car will be economical, because you don't need a lot of power to do that. And if you put your foot down and go properly fast, nearly every...
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    Leaked! Porsche 911 GT2 RS coming this September

    An excellent spy video of the GT2 RS: 620 hp is A LOT for a rear-engined rwd car. They should do a special key like the Veyron has for turning the traction control off. Oh, and Stefan Roser should be on the drivers list as...
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    GM investing $890M in next-gen small block V8s

    The V8 in the M3 (S65) is quite light for all the tech it has (Double over-head cams, double-vanos variable valves, a seperate throttle body for each cylinder), with a weight of 202kg, 15kg less than the M3 E46 six. For it's displacement, it has an excellent torque curve from low down, and can...
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    GM investing $890M in next-gen small block V8s

    To all the guys bragging around with the Corvette's tremendous fuel-economy. That's got more to do with the very long gear ratios (of the sixth gear especially) than with anything else. Of course, because of the big displacement and thereby big torque, that works. But the smallblock isn't more...
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    No 56k: Audi A8 L revealed, live debut in Beijing

    I never thought I'd say that, but 500hp and especially 625Nm just isn't enough for a 12-cylinder limo. Torque is everything in these cars, because it stands for effortless speed.
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    101 year-old man buys a new Camaro

    That's at least as cool as the 78-year-old guy who asked Nelson Racing to stuff a 1650 hp twin-turbo V8 in his Mazda RX-7: But seriously, being in that shape at 101 years old is all you can wish for in life. I wish him a lot of fun doing roadtrips...
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    World's fastest Lamborghini?

    The guy who owns the Nera has a full LP640 build in the works at Underground Racing. Shouldn't be long now 'till it arrives. That thing is going to make crazy hp. Even the Nera runs 0-186 in about 12 seconds (as opposed to 18 by the veyron).
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    Nissan GT-R V-Spec heading for Germany......Pricing announced, Nissan lost mind

    140000? for a Nissan. They must be joking. I sort of get along with the normal GT-R because it's so cheap, but you can't sell a Nissan for the price of a 911 Turbo. The most respected car magazine in Germany, Auto Motor und Sport, compared the two, and the GT-R was slower round Hockenheim, it...
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    2011 Ford Super Duty debuts at Texas State Fair

    At least here in Germany vehicles over 3,5t can be registered as a car (PKW) that doesn't have a general speed limit (otherwise a Hummer wouldn't be allowed to go over 80 kph). You would have to pay car taxes for the truck though, and they would be immense (about 1400? a year). Nevertheless...