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  • I'd like to invite you to bear the burden of having a small contact patch; sorry scratch that; enjoy some alpine roads on a motorcycle for the Ringmeet roadtrip.
    Thanks for the Aussie Music bump - you must have a wiiiiiide range of musical taste if you're searching our shores for classics haha.

    Good job :thumbsup:
    You beat me to the MOTO GP 2010 thread! I had been working on it for a day for so. Had not seen the thread so I just posted mine, then looked down the motorsports threads and there yours was. ugh. I'll get you next year! lol
    Hey man I am moving to Padova (kind of close to you). I hopefully will have a job at Adria Raceway as a racecar driving instructor! I have some friends that live in Milano so hope to see you there!


    PS: Your avatar is damn well amazing!
    Hi there!

    This is not really car industry or top gear related, but I bumbed in to your profile and a thought came into my head...

    Like millions of other tourist, I'm coming to Milan with my girlfriend in the end of July for a weeks vacation.

    Could you throw me like a top 5 where to go - where not to go list? They can be areas in the city, attractions, etc.

    Would really appreciate it, the tourist guides are all the same :)
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