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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    Make Lancia Great Again
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    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

    On the topic of V12's, two legends taking a stroll down memory lane, could listen for hours!
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    Obituaries Notable people that have passed

    5150 on full blast! Thank you for the memories Eddie!
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    Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

    Everything isn't always what certain people "want" them to be...
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    Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

    Lets see if the hoax reveal gets as much attention as the hoax itself... Thread:
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    Covid 19 CRISIS

    Its ok, covid 19 is the first woke virus, haven't you heard...
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    5150 III - Time for a new computer

    "some"?!? how dare you??
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    5150 III - Time for a new computer

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    So, vinyl...

    Seems cheap to me, nothing has ever been cheaper than it is now. Adjusted for inflation people paid almost double for records back in the heyday of vinyl. Paid more than that for cd's in the 90s... How old are you? Have you ever bought physical tapes/cds?
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    Daniel Abt guilty of using a ringer to drive for him in Formula E esport race

    No one gives a shit, would have been forgotten tomorrow. Must be Audi using it as an excuse to get rid of him. Just because nerds watch sim racing doesn't mean the masses care, Abt didn't even care enough to drive himself. Edit: his response, cancel culture sucks...