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    Redback Spyder

    Holy shit! They need to take the front end pic of that car off the intro page. it's going to scare someone into a coma. Seriously, living in the US, we've seen some ugly shit (Pontiac Aztec, etc), but I've never seen anything that ugly in my life...
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    [Tuning] EVOLVE XC90 V8

    Not that bad....That new V8 is an addition to the already beautiful soundtrack of Volvo motors. It sounds amazing :woot:
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    What's the point of the R32?

    As sad as I am that we wont see that here on US shores, you obviously havent seen the engine choices that are planned for that car. They are very disappointing...
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    Volvo C30

    No 5cyl turbo, and AWD, no care :twisted:
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    V8 Pontiac Solstice!!!

    Carroll Shelby was actually the first to stuff a big motor into a Miata 10 years ago. He dropped the Mustang 5.0 V8 into the Miata. VanMould, I agree with ya dude. That car is rubbish. The Saturn Sky version of the car (same everything except skin) looks much better.
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    Mazda RX-8 versions - can you enjoy the basic 190 HP model?

    Get a low mileage, one or two year old High power model. That is what I would do...Who wants a new car anyway?
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    "Beat the Person Above You" Game (NO 56k)

    munchies after the high > the high
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    BMW M5 Wagon?? What the deuce?

    Other way around...
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    New Heico HS4 ODIN Volvo S40

    You're comparing an entry-level Volvo to an M3...??!
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    AC Schnitzer unveils S3 Touring

    :lol: :Americans:
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    Road Test: Peugeot 407 Coupe

    agreed with blaro...that rear end screams G35 coupe. But I like it, although I'd like to see Clarkson test it to see how that overhang affects handling and weight balance...
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    Road Test: Alfa Romeo Brera

    That is so beautiful....
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    ***Pictures Fixed!*** First 4g Eclipse that I like

    Thats still looks like the 2g eclipse after a few dozen trips thru the buffet line... :thumbsdown:
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    The Final Gear VW Owners Club... poll inside

    I like my passat alot. I just wish it were a manual....and it might become one soon...
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    B&B Audi A6 4F Avant (& A4 8H Cabriolet) 3.0 TDI

    I've never seen A8 wheels on an A4 Cabriolet, its f'ing hot! And that A6 Avant is the best looking wagon I've ever seen. Period.