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    Thanks for the negrep, you fucking cunt.

    Thanks for the negrep, you fucking cunt.
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    You fucking cunt.

    You fucking cunt.
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    Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

    Well, you can't really blame the sand monkeys, it's typical behaviour for them.
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    2012 Formula 1 Gran Premio Santander d'Italia

    Ironical coming from a typical tifosi fucktard.
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    2012 Formula 1 Gran Premio Santander d'Italia

    For the cunts who negrepped me, fuck the lot of you. Go die in a fire.
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    2012 Formula 1 Gran Premio Santander d'Italia

    Ferrari International Assistance strikes again.
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    2012 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix

    And that would be different from Red Bull in what way, exactly?
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    2012 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Hopefully she recovers as best as she can. Obviously there's no chance of her getting a drive in F1 or any other major motorsport now, but are there any rules against her remaining a test driver? If she is still physically capable, she could still play a role in F1.
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    2012 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe

    Unreliability is so underrated. edit: Did Schumacher use DRS under a yellow flag?
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    Audi working on tail lights with frickin' laser beams.

    Which is why it belongs on a Lamborghini, instead. Good thing Audi owns them, isn't it?
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    2012 Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix

    Likewise all the retarded tifosi wannabes.
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    [18x07] March 11th, 2012

    Well, the only logical progression from Slash in terms of Badassness would be Lemmy, but surely his BAC would never be below the legal requirement for driving?
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    Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

    Hamas releases Gilad Shalit after 5 years Well, Hamas certainly got the better of that deal...1027 Palestinians for 1 Israeli.
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    Random Thoughts (Political Edition)

    Thankfully, this legislation was in Texas - the state most likely to tell the Feds (or any organisation using Federal laws) to fuck off...
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    Arizona introduces law to target "birthright" citizenship of illegal immigrants

    There's a problem with this, though. The child would be considered a US citizen, so if the parents did indeed take it back with them, wouldn't the child be technically an illegal immigrant in the parents' home country?