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    Most distracting audience member

    Just bringing her back up...
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    Cool Videos

    Sorry: Vor allem: "Suche auf Opfer".....:?
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    FASTEST car you've driven

    1) Audi A6 Avant 3.0 tdi 2) Mazda RX8
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    The "New Toys" Thread

    Samsung SGH-E700. 5 years old but brand new from eBay. I love that phone. It's simple and has no features, but the design and handling are the best of all folding phones I know of. And as the second phone next to the iPhone i don't need fancy features...
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    Best-looking 911

    901 and 993 Turbo
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    No 56k: 190E photoshoot

    Nice car, I like... You should put yellow indicator g in, though....
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    what is the weirdest police car you have seen

    VW Golf III.... ;)
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    They got new seats! \o/

    And no audience? Or is that picture from rehearsals?
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    Can you spot the Shemale?

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    Uninstalling/deleting Windows?

    Why not just use one HDD only for Vista?
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    2007 SLK 350

    Right...Because your V8 super sports car is so much faster... A 135i is not much slower than a E46 M3... But yeah, I know, all of that is common in the US which just makes me sick... And now go on calling me a nazi and hater and everything...
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    Is it wrong to use neutral w/ an automatic?

    There's no difference between P and N in my E28 525e as well...
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    James May: 1001 Uses for a James May

    When/what's that from?
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    2007 SLK 350

    Why not get a 7-series? Long version, of course...the short one would just be a defamation...