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  • Hah, of course! What was I thinking? Interrupting them in something they enjoy so much...:think:
    Apologies for the Dr. Smartass comment, it's hard to read people's intentions and sarcasm with text.
    "I see a 4X4 in your future. :p"

    Heh, yeah, I've always wanted a '79 K5 Blazer, but that was childhood dream (and a rubbish 4x4). Recently, I've been pining after an S1 Disco 200Tdi 5-speed or any Defender 90. Or a Y60 SWB Patrol... Well, I guess I'm still dreaming :lol:
    I think we should have a sticky about DSLRs. Seems like there is a new "which camera should I guy?" thread every week. Just an idea, thought I'd throw it to the photo forum mod :)
    WTF. I tried to sign up for Finalgear and it said I had an account. And apparently I have an pretty old account dating back to April 05 @@

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