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    atheist and non-believers, are you offended?

    Just spoke to my friend, meeting him this weekend, so by sunday I should be able to put up the pamphlet.
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    atheist and non-believers, are you offended?

    Religion and belief in God or no God has to come from within; one searches for God out of ones need or curiosity; and for all these purposes there are many religious books one can buy or go to any religious institution, but door to door preaching is offensive. Regardless the fact how Islam has...
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    In U.S., 44 Percent Say Restrict Muslims

    Justin arguing with you, a brainwashed republican is pointless to begin with. You are hopeless. If you think America is democratic because majority rules in America, then why do you turn blind when you see that a VAST MAJORITY of the world population are not very supportive of American foreign...
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    In U.S., 44 Percent Say Restrict Muslims

    I am not an Arab, but many might say I am arab looking, that's because many in non-Arab muslim countries are decendents of Arab missionaries who went there hundreds of years ago. So you really inconvinience many more people than just people of Arab nationalities. Then you got all the Arab...
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    The US DOLLAR...and other Economic and Finanical matters...

    China, nor Japan, would do that all of sudden, they both hold huge amount of US Dollar, if they do that they will only be hurting themselves. If they want to get rid of US Dollar they have to do that very gradually. The US is a huge consumer, wishing ill about its eoconomy is not very prudent...
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    Best looking car ever?

    For me it is the 275GTB, and second would be the DB4GT Zagato.
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    Jaguar Advanced Lightweight Coupe Concept

    This car looks very nice, and if they work on the back it would look great.
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    Chrysler Firepower Concept

    It has won the contest of best distortion of the DB9. :yucky:
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    2005 Lexus LF-A Concept

    Good design is dictated by nice curves and continuity, this car on the other hand is following very edgy design philosophy of Chris Bangle, who knows ugly as it is might sell well in the US just like the latest BMWs.
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    What's your car?

    Does anybody know if the AMV8 Vantage will make a production debut at any of the north american car shows this year?
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    In U.S., 44 Percent Say Restrict Muslims

    I wouldn't blame religion for my own wrong doing. Religion or religious text are one of many things we manipulate for our gains. I for one being a muslim don't buy it when some other muslim uses Islam to commit suicide and blow up innocent people. I belive in freedom of faith, and would not want...
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    The Perfect 10 Car garage

    1. Mercedes G55 AMG 2. Nissan Elgrand 3. Ariel Atom 4. Pagani Zonda R 5. Rolls Royace Phantom 6. Porsche 996TT-S 7. Ferrari Enzo 8. Mercedes S65 AMG 9. Spyker 10. F430
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    In U.S., 44 Percent Say Restrict Muslims

    What I am really trying to say is that in MOST mosques, and in most of our religious discussions we rarely discuss about Christianity or Chrisitians. And even the most fanatic anti-American Muslims also rarely talk negatively about Christians, and I would not deny that some sheikhs in some...
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    In U.S., 44 Percent Say Restrict Muslims

    What you call it other than anti-muslim, when muslims are being detained and tortured for no reason, solely based on suspicion. a very prominent Christian website; just go there and type "muslim" or "islam" under search, and see how many aticles come up. There are hundreds...
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    Forget new cars... lets talk Student Cars

    My first car was a Mitsubishi Lancer '78, and it had absolutely nothing power, and came with a 4speed manual transmission.