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    Ownership Verified: Neon Genesis Evangelion: My 1995 Chrysler Neon SE

    I learned to drive on a Neon that looked exactly like this (Skid School, for you Massachusetts heads out there). Definitely didn't have a front bumper, though. I miss seeing these around. It was a more innocent time.
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    Swisstaly mini-Roadtrip 2019, attempt number two

    if only I still had that kind of clout...
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    Swisstaly mini-Roadtrip 2019, attempt number two

    I'm working on getting a press car for myself and Stef.
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    Swisstaly mini-Roadtrip 2019, attempt number two

    Yeah, I'm going to do this one instead. Ignore my other post.
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    Swisstaly mini-Roadtrip 2019, attempt number two

    Alright, sign me up for this. I definitely want to stop at the Moto Guzzi museum for OBVIOUS REASONS.
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    Ringmeet 2019 - Taking in US refugees!

    Alright fuck it, I'm signing up for Ringmeet this year. I just finished grad school, got a crushing job rejection, and I have nowhere to go when my lease is up. I want to go on the Ukranian road trip and join you folks.
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    Cancer Sucks

    That might be the case, though it's been too long since I've been to a Ringmeet... :(
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    What car(s) did you hate at launch but have grown to like as time has passed? Or vice versa

    I'm going to second/third/fourth the Bangle-era BMWs, especially the coupes, and give credit to Chris Bangle for singlehandedly shaking up ("disrupting") the world of automotive design to the extent that the entirety of the late-2000s aped the elements he introduced. Same goes for the...
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    Cancer Sucks

    I haven't logged in in forever, but I feel that it would be crass of me to continue being a part of this community without chiming in, no matter how pithy it might seem. I have attempted to pay tribute on Twitter, or in FB comments, where I've been fortunate enough to be friends with some of the...
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    Post Your Watches

    No worries. Nabster's been kind enough to rebuild a few inexpensive pieces I've acquired over the past year or so, and it was illuminating to pick his brain for this article I wrote for Worn & Wound last year: A Restoration Story: Breathing New Life Into a $45 Timex “Roulette" One of my...
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    Where we are going, there might not be roads... '99 Fiat Panda 4x4

    I will straight-up buy this off you and ship it to America in 2024 when it'll be legal to bring over.
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    Last of the hatchbacks: 2002 Saab 9-3 SE 5-door

    Hah, I made that keychain for him. Kept one for myself for the inevitable day when I get a Saab myself...
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    Ownership Verified: BlaRo's Moto Gutsy

    It's never been an issue. The saddlebags only get damaged if they actually touch the pipes. It's happened a few times, but these are cheap old saddlebags, and I've been impressed by how long they've held up.
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    Ownership Verified: BlaRo's Moto Gutsy

    So, I got it shipped up to Vermont, where I'll be for the next two years. Just a dude named Chadd (two Ds) and his wife, and a pickup truck full of vintage bikes. And a dog. Had to buy a new battery for it. $25 from Amazon. Fired right up. I went on some nice rides. Too damn cold...
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    Where In The World Is..?

    Fender eliminator is from here on eBay. Side bags were NOS scooter bags from the 70s also on eBay, they're harder to find now. I used Givi side frames to mount them to the V7, which you can find here.