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  • but snow is awesome!

    except if you have to shovel it, live in it for extended periods, get lost in it...
    Sun has just come out, clouds are white and fluffy (after rain last night) and predicted to be ~22oC today.

    Damn near perfect. Hope yours gets better!
    So that's why your Stig is wearing a flat cap - he's trying to appeal to her Northern-ness! :lol:
    Danke f?r den Tipp - ich habe "Jetzt mache ichs mir selbst" als Printausgabe und auch die schon lange nicht mehr angeschaut - benutze das offizielle Opel-Werkstatthandbuch ;)
    aah, the 150hp one, been looking at the 170hp 20v one myself, they weren't sold here in Norway, so i wanna import one sometime, maybe even go full silly, and get the New Beetle V5 :p
    Hehe, I just need to find where my rabbit logos are! I figured it'd be a nice addition to the Mitsu for maximum lulz.
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