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    Ownership Verified: Bobele's - BMW F87 M2 '17 (Minty)

    New Car who this ? IMG_20200530_134551 by Dennis Boberg, auf Flickr Since most FG crew witnessed my newest purchase at Ringmeet, i figured I should make a pyc for this. (better late than never, eh) Behold 'Minty' the black M2. Found this "steal" at a local dealer. A Trade In with 7.400 KM...
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    The "Song Stuck In My Head" Thread

    Getting ready for Ringmeet like ...
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    Ringmeet 2020 - A clear case of Carownervirus!

    After the initial chaos, i managed to push some projects around to take time off for Ringmeet. I'll be there thu. - sun., Car + tent.
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    Ringmeet 2019 - Taking in US refugees!

    Paid thomas, will attend from thu-sun with car + tent. My Mom is also donating 100 Wurstbrötchen for the bbq like the years before.
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    Ownership Verified: Meet Karl - 1974 Opel Rekord

    Nostalgia kicks in Though i prefer 60's Opels that have the more sqaure looking front facia like the commodore or admiral.
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    Cancer Sucks

    Atleast he did go peacefully without any pain and shit. But still fucking fuck this fuck. You'll be deary missed Alex :viper:.
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    Swisstaly mini-Roadtrip 2019, attempt number two

    I'll put myself down as probably. This is more interesting to me then Ukraine and Romania.
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    Cancer Sucks

    The only things i can think of is fuck cancer and keep on fighting till the end. I'm happy that I was able to meet you at ringmeet and was able talk to talk to you for a bit, joke alot. You're a super cool bloke. I'm also thankful for the forums and the many friends around the globe I'm able to...
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    Ringmeet 2018 - First Blood

    Didn't take much photos this year, but i made this with a custom thumbnail ... i hope it's clickbaity enough for youtube :P Also videoception - me filming Matt while he's filming Stef in the Amarok xD
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    FG Balkan Roadtrip 2018 - Release your inner Slav!

    I got my leave approved, so I'm officialy in if you guys like it or not :P :D
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    Forums have been upgraded to vBulletin 5

    There is also currently a problem with the ssl certificate for the site. ATM i can only access the forums from my firefox F58 browser - Chrome will end up with 502 Bad Gateway. The details for the certificate show the start date for 05.05.2018 !
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    FG Balkan Roadtrip 2018 - Release your inner Slav!

    Color me interested. I need to see if the dates will clash with one of my projects at work though. So a "Maybe" currently for me