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    [04x02] September 6th, 2011

    Unfortunately for TGA, anything said at this point is just a war of words. The real evidence was the show itself ? and the viewers have already voted on that by turning off in significant enough numbers for the axe to fall. Personally, I think the blame lays with all parties involved. Channel...
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    Top Gear Australia Filming for Season 4

    "Souped up the ute" eh? Thanks Nine. Not! "Bigger, Better , Faster." ? No. Just "Dumber, Worse, Coming to a grinding halt."
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    Nine to air full BBC2 episodes of TopGear

    Channel Nine is not "ambitious but rubbish." It's just rubbish. Full stop.
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    TGA not returning for 2011

    Oh... puuulllleeeeze! Give us a break. Surely you can't be serious?
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    [01x01] November 21st, 2010

    I was surprised! Much better than I expected it would be. I thought the overall vibe between the hosts was good, the production was good, the humour was natural. Much more promising than the other TGA... the Australian version that is. I'll be watching again.
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    [03x03] November 2nd, 2010

    You're not Icedvovo. I agree with your assessment completely. The show looks better so far this series (and is clearly better funded), but it still lacks any of the great storytelling skills that make TopGearUK so much fun to watch. The other thing that strikes me the more I see it is that...
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    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    Despite the grumbles here over the amount of advertising they jammed in, there will be lots of back patting and beer drinking over long lunches at Channel Nine today. If the ratings figures remain anywhere near that, the show won't be heading to GO! anytime soon. I'll bet they're all ecstatic...
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    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    Well maybe the Herald Sun knows more than suspected. Today there's a report on the US-car blog Motor Authority saying: Top Gear USA To Live On At History Channel? We were briefly excited last year then quickly had our hopes smashed when word of an American version of the U.K.'s hit...
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    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    According to today's Sydney Morning Herald: "While the fate of Top Gear Australia is uncertain ? Nine and Freehand will produce a local version, though at this point "specials" are more likely than a series ..."...
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    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    Gawd. The show hasn't even gone to air on 9 yet and they're already doing their best to ruin it. It's a bit like watching a car crash that you just KNOW is about to happen.
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    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    I would imagine that $200K is much closer to the real figure. Insurance on the production would cost an enormous amount by itself, let alone all the regular production costs. Either way, I don't imagine anybody has made the genuine budget figure public knowledge.
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    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    Just out of interest Stiggie, where did you get that production costs figure from?
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    Top Gear Australia to Channel 9

    1. So the WIN Top Gear webpage says: "Featuring a brand new Australian host, crazy challenges, new segments and the latest car reviews, Top Gear Australia is stepping up a gear." 2. A while back, some press release said something along the lines of, 'Channel Nine are already working on a series...
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    Australia - Top Gear Advertisment

    With the way they read the host's names out, you'd think they were making the promo for 60 Minutes! It's so NOT the style of Top Gear. The British/BBC TG promos show things like three guys sitting in a really low-rent trailer office flicking things at each other and being big kids, not trying...
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    Australia - Top Gear Advertisment

    Maybe you work for Channel 9 then? Is that you Mr. Gyngell? Sarcasm :P